What do you prefer to use?

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Do try to mention if you have chosen others!
馃槂 Thank you!

@easrng @strawberryfieldsforever same with me. LXDE with Openbox is just right for me. Dull, unassuming, me :)

@strawberryfieldsforever whatever takes the least resources. Right now I'm using Qtile

@strawberryfieldsforever I _cannot_ use Gnome, it is an awful, awful experience for someone who has used computers for 30 years. Just abysmal. They want all of us who have patterns to stop having them and go with their idea of the day. "nope.gif"

I also don't care for the overloading of what I'm doing with useless things I don't need, like ... pretty much anything the freedesktop people think is neccesary (: So any of those 3 is "too heavy" for my general use.

Folks coming from Windows, I'd point at KDE.

Folks coming from osX, I'd lay it open to "here are all the choices... you aren't going to be told how to work anymore. If that scares you, go with Gnome." I don't like it, but the osX folks are used to being told how to work, and having stuff switched around on them at Apple's whims. That's most akin to Gnome.

For folks using emacs or vi and terminals mostly, I'd go straight for "here are the tiling window managers, find the one you like."

For plan9: "Plan 9."

Thanks a lot for that!
I prefer gnome because I got pretty comfortable with its simplicity.
Mint is my fav distro, so I also like Cinnamon!

Is iTerm2 for Mac?
And what is Screen? Is it a desktop environment?

@strawberryfieldsforever iTerm2's a replacement Mac Terminal with a bunch of nice features.

screen is the best program/window manager there can be:
(but it hadn't been taken over by GNU when I started using it)

Thanks for that!
I guess you are used to using the terminal for majority of your work?

@strawberryfieldsforever Yeah. There's a big browser, often another little browser, one GUI text editor sometimes, and then a bunch of terminals. So a GUI window manager is not a thing.

@strawberryfieldsforever @TheGibson, I鈥檝e tried a bunch of different DE鈥檚 and WM鈥檚 and always come back to i3wm.

@iiogama @strawberryfieldsforever @TheGibson My go-to environments are MATE, Fluxbox, and cwm. I haven't run the latter in a while, so I'll likely be switching to that again for a bit on my OpenBSD machines.

I've never been crazy about tiling window managers, but of them all, I do prefer i3. #Hikari, created by @raichoo, is based on cwm but does tiling. I've yet to try that one, and since I do like cwm, it might dethrown i3 for me.

@claudiom @iiogama @strawberryfieldsforever @TheGibson Yeah, not really based on cwm but very inspired by it. But the X11 and Wayland implementation were both written from scratch. cwm was the biggest inspiration though ^^.

@claudiom @strawberryfieldsforever @TheGibson @raichoo, one of these days, I鈥檒l spend some time learning cwm. I like the idea of running as close to base openbsd as I can, when I get around to running it at all, lol

@strawberryfieldsforever Built my own and for some reason other people also started using it. Shameless self plug 馃樅

@strawberryfieldsforever Thanks :) It's certainly not as feature complete as other Wayland compositors like `sway` but I'm doing most of the work myself so it's pretty hard to compete with such a bug project.

haha! Developing your own software and getting many others to use it is a pretty big thing and cool too! 馃槂 馃憤

@strawberryfieldsforever And rather unexpected as well. ^^ Anyway, it's always nice when people get something out of ones free time project.

@strawberryfieldsforever #sway, the wayland-equivalent of i3. Its backend #wlroots was the only reliable fully-fledged wayland compositor for a long time, so it was an easy decision. I used KDE before on X11.

Thanks! I should try it sometime! Lots of people are using i3wm!

@strawberryfieldsforever i use cinnamon because i care about well supported desktops more than features
i'm not super technical as far as the inner workings of linux and X11/wayland go so i care about being able to trivially google how to fix something if it breaks instead of being on my own

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