52 reports about the Alice bots! Ill get to work

Is Google about to respect the against-FLoC header ?

-> cleanuptheweb.org/

#google #floc

The view from my window this morning.

(Picture shows a window through which is visible snow-covered trees, and snow falling. On the window are perched geometric sculptures made of tape.)

Just because you use and love a FOSS operating system, doesn't mean you have to advocate for ONLY but free and open-source apps.

I like Discord. Not Matrix.

The fact that Discord works so well on Linux is a GREAT thing, in my opinion. Makes Linux more appealing to non-users.

Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden, 1972

Camp levels have officially hit 100%


GNU/Linux is stupid.

Say GNU+Linux

+ means and
/ means or

wtf is the / for.

the / is why most people call it linux, because "foo/bar" means "foo or bar" but then, people think foo and bar are the same thing. and linux is easier to pronounce than GNU so people say linux

if you say GNU+Linux, people can see clearly that it's *2* different things side by side, so they're more likely to say GNU as a component of the core operating system that is GNU+Linux

reject /. embrace the +. + is life

China genocide 

is building camps and locking up Uyghurs, sterilize and torture them :amaze:

Every country should put up sanctions against this nasty regime! I rather have no Chinese products anymore and maybe save some hoomans..

I'll trow my "made in China" iPhone against Mr. Xi Jinping Pooh's head :pooh:

Thinking about shutting down my peertube instance. I don't really use it enough to justify running it in my opinion.

Trouble is finding and instance that will let me in but also that's not full of crap. Would love to get in on share.tube anyone have an in on that instance?

Der Mann hat in allem recht. Wahnsinn denn wir sehen das Ergebnis heute direkt was los ist. Und das alles so eingetroffen ist, was Huxley vorher gesagt hat. Es ist erschreckend, wo mein Heimatland & Europa & die, westlichen Welt der heutigen Demokratie drauf zusteuert. Bürger selbst nicht Mitbekommen, was hier abläuft. Da Sie selbst jetzt schon in einer Filterblase sitzen. Wahnsinn was dieser Mann vorausgedacht hat. Für heute ein erschreckendes Bild der Realität. youtu.be/alasBxZsb40

Tips on using multi-account containers in Firefox 

1. Use Temporary Containers as well, with isolation turned on
2. Facebook is pretty easy to confine - set it to always open in its own container
3. Google is harder to confine, and often you don't want Google to know your account anyway, so don't bother with "always open in this container". Just only sign in in your Google container.
4. Give any sites that break Temporary Containers' isolation their own container and exclude it from isolation.

canary noun

A small songbird in the finch family
A mechanism to test for unsafe conditions, originating from the use of canaries in coal mines to detect poisonous gases or cave-ins. If the canary died, it was time to get out of the mine.

playing electric piano on top of YT backing track

very good backing track so i just try to stay outta the way. pad it with some smooth e-piano timbres...

am i doing decent?
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