i don't know why but for me, playing the video in mastodon doesn't work. so click the link to view the video directly on invidious (which is a youtube frontend website that lets you avoid non-free javascript and browse youtube freely without ads)

For #EarthDay I'm bringing you a #soil fact:

In 1 cubic meter of healthy soil live several billion to trillion organisms.

40% of them are bacteria
40% are #algae and #fungi
12% are Lumbricidae (earthworms)

Every year we loose 24 billion tonnes of soil due to degradation.
This happens mainly because of #deforestation, #desertification, unsustainable farming practices and sealing.

(Sources: noen.at/freizeit/haus-garten/f & Wikipedia)

Earth Day is an annual event every 22nd of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to encourage people to value the planet that is our home.

Today, think about what you can do to make a difference in this world. Take a look at these simple ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day and change things for the better.

Every single one of us has a role to play in protecting our precious environment and combating climate change. Please do your part to protect our earth and its waters. 🌊

#EarthDay2021 🌍

51 Actions for the 51st Earth Day:

"If you don't schedule a maintenance break, it will schedule itself."

- @deshipu

Don't you hate it when people use notification sounds in their videos?

I *always* start looking for the app that just made the sound, until I realize it's been part of the video I'm currently watching.

is there any way to sign up for jail? could use some of that free housing

You guys remember when we called posts toots for 4 years?

Good times... good times...

:bing: if the microwave is broken can i make popcorn in the dryer instead


Who will win? On your mark, get set, go! 🏁 - :boost_ok:

#race #fedirace #fediverse #animal #boost #vote

Inspired by many and: @Julia_Schmeer

Hey there, a special post today:

@greenfediverse is a project that lets people know which Fediverse instances use environmentally friendly hosting services.

You can see the current list at:


However, the list now has to be updated, and the project urgently needs a script coder to help with this. Can you help?

If you are interested, please DM the project leader at @greenfediverse

#AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

IS BACK!!! :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove:

I find that Negentropy is a hopeful albeit sad and melancholic ending to The Book of Us series. They're charting well but I hope that it's because people geniunely enjoy their music rather than just to break their previous records.


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