Tonight's anticipated tv viewing:
La Brea (I love this ridiculous show)
New Amsterdam

Well I was gonna start making posts about what I'm looking forward to on tv tonight, so folks get a sense of who I am, know what they can pick my brain about...

...But the only thing on tonight is Quantum Leap.

Which is great! Enjoyed the first ep! But was hoping to start this with more than one show. 😂 My latest in depth look at a slice of cinematic cheese is up, and to finish off September, I found an obscure bit of puppety mayehm, called Slimoids.

And yes, I still buy physical media. I like Having The Thing in my hands. Especially if its something I love. It's a way to show support, and at least I always know where it is, and don't have to play "Where is this streaming today" games, or discover it's NOT streaming and then I'm shit outta luck.

A number of years ago, I got the first season of The Magicians on DVD, and for various reasons I won't bore anyone with, I never picked up the rest.

Now, I LOVE the series, one of my favourites of the past decade, and I finally decided the other week to rectify this. I finally have the whole set.

This will keep me busy rewatching...

Tumblr sensibly lets you pay to not see ads...but allows you the option to opt in and still see the chaotic posts the userbase boosts.

This pure chaotic energy will always be why I love Tumblr.

Also, if anyone is curious, you can find out more about Quadead Zone in my very own deep dive into what it's all about from a few months ago!

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This is so me, it hurts.

Happy first day of Autumn!

(I miss Scream Queens...)

These two movies were once holy grails of the VHS era. They got a very small DVD release a few years ago that I missed the boat on. They got a rerelease just now, so they are finally in my collection.

Ordered them back in JULY and they finally arrived. Plus a bonus sticker!

While there is entertainment to be had in badly made movies, the thing that really gets me, is finding the stuff that works. Finding those passion projects where sure, it's bad, but you can tell they were GENUINELY trying. That heart, put into a production, no matter how bad, always shines through.

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One thing that people should know about me is, I love bad movies. The worse, the better. It sometimes feels like I am on a quest to find the worst movie, and stumbling across movies people have never heard of is always fun.

These gems arrived in the mail today.

Here's the thing. I hate talking about myself. I'm boring. More often than not, if I'm even bothered to make a bio on a site it's some variation of "I hate writing theses" or "Fuck if I know." An anti social person in a social media world. 😅

So I make accounts, I plant my flag, so I have it if I ever need it, and then I fuck off and forget about it.

Although this still puts me at more posts that I've done on Pillowfort.

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The odds that this will be the last post I make and I never log in again are about... 60-40? 😂

Decided to make a Mastadon account in case I need a backup. Expect comics, horror, and fashion if you follow this disaster.

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