Excellence, Respect and Friendship

Yes, it is very challenging, in India, for a middle class family to produce a first generation state level sports person in any discipline of Olympic sports. It is not just about managing the cost of training and participation in events and putting tremendous effort by the athlete and the family. The family also needs significant amount of luck and serendipity to achieve desired results (read medals).

In this context, the scope for improvement for better support by school and Government is huge by providing a better ecosystem of support and encouragement.

And eventually, whatever our Indian athletes achieve will always be commendable.

But that's not all. Sports is not about winning medals. Sports is about imbibing the core values of Olympism - excellent, respect and friendship.

The priority option must always be to keep trying to inculcate the core values of Olympism in our young athletes, irrespective of the results, for a better society.

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