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“Sanders would decriminalize border crossings and provide a pathway to citizenship for roughly 11 million people without legal residency in the country. But he also went further, pledging to temporarily halt all deportations, end federal immigration raids and break up two federal agencies.”

Add to this, he is going to remove the Muslim Ban. 👏🏻

383,593 accounts
+498 in the last hour
+4,172 in the last day
+7,406 in the last week I didn't know that! Shall explore tomorrow.

Guys, please follow everyone back as much as you can. You can later prune your following list. New joinees need encouragement to stay and toot

First day of Mastodon feels a bit like Tinder. Everyone's asking each other, "so why are you here?"

One good thing about being an early mover to a new social media is that you get the handle you want

The local timeline feature is revealing how the number of bird site migrants are growing. This main instance of Mastodon social may not be equipped to handle this.
We'll have to eventually move to custom instances. Must say, this feels unreal, seeing a digital migration unfold in front of my eyes.

Gender and Sexuality researchers/academics, please holler!

Friendship over with Twitter. Now Mastodon is my best friend.

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