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Hey, I'm sramdi, and I mostly post about hobbies (usually whatever I'm tinkering with!).

I like: videogames, computers, opensource, electronics repair

I dislike: capitalism, fossil fuels

My posts are not requests for technical support. Please don't be that guy.

I will probably add more below as I have time! (maybe)

Running "Best Friends Forever" unsync'd as 90 is soooo much fun. These are some classic fights!

invidious instance that rickrolls for every query despite legit thumbnails

I have a lot of hobbies and very rarely do I talk to people about them IRL.. today I got to talk fpv w/ someone on the phone and it was super fun. reminds me of the first time I talked linux w/ someone, I knew the words but literally hadn't ever *heard* them

i've seen several people post "ding dong the witch is dead" regarding the death of Elizabeth II. i'm disappointed in the level of disrespect this shows to the one true target of that joke, Margaret Thatcher

“Put a computer in everything” is one of those decisions that people 100 years from now will bring up to show how backwards we of the past were, the way we do with decisions like “make water pipes out of lead” and “put cocaine in cough drops”

The Outbound Ghost looks dope

and if you like Paper-Mario inspired games, there's a whole discord/thing dedicated to em.


It's called the Metaverse because it has mostly been Met with Averse reactions

Steam Deck is pretty rad, I've been playing ffxiv handheld for days now in the bed (recovering from minor surgery)

Touch keyboards are some weird form of punishment

So what's interesting is the part at the end where he suggests (I'm paraphrasing) "youtube might take my content down", "I might run into trouble posting game footage", "I might not have permissions from the rights holder, please go easy on me" -- this says a lot of the state of the internet these days, huh

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Masahiro Sakurai () has a new channel on game design, pretty neat

I am pretty sure he's a vampire cus this mf hasn't aged since the 90s

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