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since years this is already going on

According to a damning report, child porn originating from the Philippines is being sold on the social media platform, Twitter

Und wer verdient an den "kostenlosen" Tests
welche den Steuerzahler zig Millionen kosten

Die Gruppe um die CSU-Politiker Nüsslein und Sauter sollte für die Vermittlung von FFP2-Masken insgesamt 11,5 Millionen Euro Provision erhalten - laut WDR, NDR und SZ doppelt soviel wie bislang bekannt.

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Health minister of Australia says there is 'no guarantee' travel will be allowed even after the ENTIRE population is finally vaccinated..

"'Vaccination alone is no guarantee that you can open up,' Mr Hunt said. 'If the whole country were vaccinated, you couldn't just open the borders.'

The expectation was that once the vulnerable were vaccinated, restrictions could be lifted. But Mr Hunt's admission suggests that Governments are preparing for years of border controls and social distancing."

#news #information #australia #tyranny #scamdemic #pandemic
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🇲🇽 COVID-19 in Mexico

Amazing results since IVM was included in the protocol.
The lowest death count in over a year, hospitals empty, people going out more.

The media is trying to show that it is the opposite.


#COVID_19 #COVID19 #COVID #Corona #Virus #CoronaVirus #Pandemic #SARS_COV_2 #SARSCOV2 #Ivermectin #ivermectine #IVM #Treatment #Prophylaxis #Prevention #Therapy #Mexico

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Operation Homebound


Operation Homebound
These disabled women are being vaccinated against their will. I just want to add that this is NOT atypical. As far as our society is concerned and have had procedures forced on them for at least a century, and probably longer

#COVID_19 #COVID19 #COVID #Corona #Virus #CoronaVirus #Pandemic #SARS_COV_2 #SARSCOV2 #Vaccine #Vaccination #Vaccinated #OperationHomebound #ForcedVaccination

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Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads

"Vaccination passports are creating public and political dispute across the world. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms?"

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US, States suspend use of J&J vaccine 

US Federal and state sites halt inoculation with Johnson & Johnson #Covid19 #Vaccine after #FDA calls for "immediate pause" over blood clot concerns

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a blessed Sunday everyone out there ! Here its raining lolol but thats fine for the gardens !

the report contains a stunning bbc video about chinas cloning _INDUSTRIES -for animals -pigs

i guess vve should knovv about vvhat is going on in this vvorld vve live in

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Chile: Protesters bring down a police drone using dozens of laser pointers ⚠️ Flashlight Warning ⚠️

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Denmark banned AstraZeneca vaccine and during the live stream announcement one of the government officials collapsed

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