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Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, or Kinnikinnick.

What it is: A short, dense, woody groundcover shrub with evergreen leaves and edible red fruit.
Where it is: North America - western US, northern Midwest, New England, all of Canada. Much of Eurasia, roughly north of 30th parallel. Several cultivars exist, so choose a native variety. Consult a native plant nursery to select a more successful variety.

What you can do with it: You can eat the berries and make jam. Indigenous North Americans historically smoked leaves and used it for traditional herbal medicine. Exercise caution with consumption.

What you should do with it: Plant in well drained soil in sun, good in dry areas without shade. Good for roadside erosion control. Grows fine on slopes. Has potential for medians and abandoned lots where you can't grow tall plants. Reproduces aggressively via stolons, but grows slow from seed.

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I guess I should finally do a proper #introduction, eh?

I'm a #queer man from #Eugene, #Oregon, and my pronouns are he/him. I work in marketing, but that's not the most interesting thing about me 😆

I love all things #PopCulture, #DragRace, #RealHousewives, and #music music music. I'm also a big nerd who loves to dabble in #gaming, #webdev, and more!

I also happen to be hearing impaired, and I wear hearing aids all day every day. 🦻🏻

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Since People are doing #introductions, hello 👋 I am Arri. A queer trans lady in tech. The outdoors: camping, kayaking and hiking are what I love. I brew beer, kombucha and cider! I live in Southern NH, but during the summer you can find me in the White mountains and lakes region.

At work I do web development and #accessibility work.

I love making new friends so please boost me 🥰 🐘
#introduction #a11y

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Hi 👋

I'm Rasmus from Denmark.

I make a living as a web developer. I do pretty much everything from server admin work to frontend development, and my preferred stack is , , and .

As my username hints at, programming is an interest of mine, and it's not just limited to , I find and fascinating as well.

I like , , baking bread and . I'm a road cyclist myself, but anything with pedals is awesome! The only thing I am adamant about is that the cycling cap should always be peak up 😄

I relax by watching videos from the waaay too many Youtube subscriptions, I have. The list includes makers, gamers, cyclists, science communicators, and pretty much anything John and Hank Green are a part of.

and was some of the first I subscribed to on Youtube, and I've watched (participated?) in the last handful of , I guess it makes me somewhat part of (!).

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Since everyone else is doing it, an #introduction toot from me too(t):

Hi! I'm clq! I live in Oslo, and work as a Software Engineer. I'm in my (just about) early 30s. I have a variety of interests, few of which I ever post about online due to a “who could possible care?”-feeling, but hey, maybe that can change.

I'll be posting mainly in English. Even though I've lived in Oslo for almost 8 years now, I've worked, and had most of my social life, in English since moving back to Norway.

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An #introduction.

I am @tychi. An internet artist.

I enjoy emerging mediums, which practically means i'm an technologist and anything that can evoke human emotion from a digital signal is my instrument.

My latest project is There's not much there, besides Silly, the keyboard kid and the private journals available on every 404 page.

I've built two tools for building my web things and Some people think they're cool, which is nice, but they're mostly for me so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks-- but I share them publicly so anyone can benefit from my progress.

Lately, I've been trying to learn formal programming methodologies less and music more. I've got hyperhidrosis which leads to playing music in live environments frustrating at best and impossible at worst-- so i've taken to synthetic instruments.

Ultimately, I would like to make indie games. I love that the medium encompasses so many disciplines into a single neat package. Writing, composing, illustrating, animating, programming all create beautiful simulations of worlds unfathomable.

But first, I'm surviving our collective dystopia-- participating in the fine balancing act of procuring food and shelter against satisfying the desires of our hearts.

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Okay, it's time to tell new users a secret about Mastodon.

Mastodon is (whispers) part of a much bigger network 😮

Mastodon servers use an open standard called ActivityPub to talk to each other. That's how you interact with people on other Mastodon servers.

But, dozens of other federated networks also use ActivityPub, so (this is the good bit!) you can follow people on these other networks from your Mastodon account!

For example:

PixelFed ( is a photo sharing network, here's a random example account @Iancylkowski

PeerTube ( is a video sharing network, with a p2p system that allows videos to go viral even on small servers, here's a random account @craftykat

BookWyrm ( is a social reading site, an open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, here's a random account @mouse

Together, Mastodon and these other services form... The Fediverse :fediverse:

(whispers) Click on the link...

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Hi Mastodon!

I'm Niccolò, a Music Technology researcher currently based in Birmingham.

My research background is around augmented musical instruments and gesture recognition, but since the end of my PhD I have broadened my research interests to include computational ethnomusicology and HCI.

I'm an tech enthousiast, I recently got into Game Audio I'm always looking to refine my tech workflows.

#introduction #research #music

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Oh wow, the European Union 🇪🇺 now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

#EU #EuropeanUnion

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Hello! I'm Chris.

I'm a UX designer who works with local and central government in the UK.

I post links to articles about UX, UI and service design that I come across which I find interesting.

I'm interested in #opensource tech, #ethicaltech, and using design for positive change in the world.


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What operating system(s) do you mostly use on desktop, if any? :blobcatscience:

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Earlier this month, Cloudflare’s systems automatically detected and mitigated a 15.3 million request-per-second (rps) #DDoS attack — one of the largest HTTPS DDoS attacks on record. Here's more on how it was handled.

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"Journey to the Dragon Palace and Back"

I spent about eight months interviewing planetary scientists and engineers from Japan's national space agency to write this story about Hayabusa2 and the mission to return 4.6 billion year old samples from the #asteroid Ryugu.

On our newly-redesigned site it looks so clean!

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Protect developer freedom. Abolish software patents. Learn why software patents are unjust by checking out the new design of our #endsoftwarepatents initiative.

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#introduction #newbie my name is Sarah & I live in a tiny village in North East #Wales. I live on a steep side of a valley where it rains a lot. I'm a retired #librarian but do some volunteering 2 days a week. I sing, I create art using textiles & Letterpress & I'm a gardener. I have lots of little areas of garden which surround the house & have amazing views across the valley. I mostly post pictures of #aTinyGardenInNEWales, my #cat Tyson & sometimes my dinner ... and I really do hate peas!

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