Today, the Bonfire team is excited to announce our beta release 🔥🎉

We’re aware that Bonfire still needs a lot of work - like ensuring it federates as expected and improving configurability, accessibility and user experience - but that’s the point: we decided to launch at this stage with the intention of building the 1.0 release as a community.

🗞️ Blog post:

🌈 Signup on the playground instance:

Isaac Roberts took this photo of the Andromeda galaxy in 1888, almost 100 years before the invention of ciabatta bread.

#OtD 27 Jun 1880, deafblind American author, socialist, and lecturer, Helen Keller was born. A member of the union, she fought for women's suffrage, workers' rights, and socialism. Here is her Why I Became an IWW:

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🌟 @risu_ika - Pixel artist, game designer and chiptune maker

🌟 @kostnixladen -
Free shop in Bochum, Germany which distributes surplus goods and receives donations

🌟 @humanum - Beautiful watercolours inspired by trees, water and the natural world

🌟 @Tagirijus - Composer who also creates free Creative Commons music

🌟 @Bundespresseamt - German government's official press office account


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It seems like there is quite a bit of interest so I will be live-streaming (and live tooting) the total lunar eclipse through my telescope this Sunday night! 🌘🔭

If you’re interested in seeing the eclipse up close and personal, I will share a Zoom link (or similar) here that evening, and record it as well ✨

FYI the eclipse will at around 8:30pm Pacific Time, peak by 9:11pm PT, and end entirely at 11:50pm PT. The moon will turn orange-red (a “blood moon”) for 90 minutes!

#astronomy #moon

#OtD 14 May 1940 Emma Goldman, legendary anarchist and advocate of women's rights and sexual freedom, died in Toronto, Canada. A Lithuanian-born Jew, she moved to the US from which she was eventually deported because of her activism. Books & more:

I'll add mine in for the #artshare

I'm Ashe, a UK based ink illustrator

I work primarily with ink pens to create surreal fantasy art, but once I week I try my hand at pixel art and I'm currently doing a character sketch every day this month!

I'm currently working on a zine called the Skull King, but I also make prints to sell, which you can buy via my ko-fi linked in the profile.

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Another awesome feature we have in is automatic post deletion!

No more 3rd party tools needed like on the birbsite!

For users of you can find this under settings:

Thanks for the post inspiration to
@obsolete29 @neil

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