Quiero dormir, pero el sol me está dando en la cara

Like are there so many Brazilian people since last time I was here, or it's just my filter configuration??

Las polillas tienen algo en contra de mi ropa :s

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i can’t fall asleep but i’m gonna keep tryin’

Si no haces tortas fritas o pan en un día lluvioso o feo, no sé que clase de persona sos (?

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Sometimes I'll stare Max in the eye, and If I blink, especially dramatically blink, he's pupils get huge and then shrink down again. I have no idea why but its so interesting

Am I having breakfast and lunch at the same time at 16 pm?? Yes I am

Hey there! I'm new here and this is my .

I'm a 23 years Argentinian girl. I'm studying photography as autodidact. I like dancing, reading and learning new things every day. Also I'm vegan and love pizza.

My mother tongue is Spanish, but know English and Portuguese a little. So don't get weird if I boost or write toots in those idioms.

I like making new friends, so anyone can write me. Just be polite :)

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