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Hi everybody. I'm Sola 👋

I love cats and dogs.
I earn my living with words and pixels.
I have a dark sense of humour now and then.
I love the seaside.
I sort my M&Ms by colour before eating them.

There's always the sun 🖖

Still there. Just been working too much and a little bit tired atm.

Whatever Elon might do or not... I will be staying here.

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I don't toot in my native language.
I'm totally new in the whole fediverse.
It's the first time I'm starting somewhere without a friend or a some people I already know. It's a little bit frustrating until now but I'll keep going.

Taking a look at the tasks on my to-do list. I guess I'll just sit by George R.R. Martin and have another cup of coffee first.

Just in case you always wanted to know why I'd never join any kind oft art thingsy on mastodon.

Starting this week with a videocall from hell with some grumpy CEOs picking a quarrel.

Sowing snow peas. I'm a little bit late this year but I love their taste so much. :blobcatgreen:

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