I think this (Mastodon) is a step in the right direction as social media platforms go. It's unfortunately still the kind of time-sink that I've been trying to avoid. It's not the negativity like FB and Twitter posts, but I do find myself exploring mindlessly, wasting time viewing things completely irrelevant to anything.

I'm probably going to log out of here. Won't be returning to the other networks, either, though...

I'm not sure where the internet goes next, post-social media, but I hope it isn't more of the same.

Zoom really need to provide the ability of transcripts/captions to everyone.

I'd love to see a cross-data poll chart of the number of people voting solidly for one political party compared to the percentage of whom still having "unfavorable" ratings of their party's leading candidates.

That's me. The whole system needs an overhaul. It's not "picking the lesser of two evils" it's "fuck the whole system, fix it"

US (FL) Politics 

I feel that I should mention that this image is unverified by me. However, I have seen plenty of similar statistics, for a wide variety of things, not just in FL, but nationally and for other states as a whole:

Conservative-controlled states are poorer, do worse for programs for the social wellbeing of the common folk, and (I feel they) can be typically traced to hoarding of money and power by policies that support the worst aspects of capitalism.

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US (FL) Politics 

We can see what conservative politics mean when they're in power. Clear as day. There are so many other equally relevant statistics than the ones listed in this image.

The GOP does not care about the common folk. They care about capitalist profit and maintaining their power to strip rights and money from the people to support the rich.

Source: imgur.com/gallery/uRL4Y4i

I wonder how many people switched their phone wallpaper over to the Carina Nebula today.

there should be no guilt in unfinished projects. you can always go back to finish it later. and even if you never do, it was still good practice for the next project!

I despise our country for being so selfish regarding COVID. My daughter's 4th birthday may be yet another event cancelled due to sickness that could've easily been avoided with a united front over two fucking years ago.

A must watch... 10 tactics of fascism.

Ultra-nationalism is not fascism. "There is left-wing authoritarianism. There are bad things on the left [...] but not all terrible things are fascism."

"Each of these individual elements aren't in and of itself fascist, but you have to worry when they're all grouped together. When honest conservatives are lured into fascism, by people who tell them 'Look, it's an existential fight. I know you don't accept everything we do, you don't accept every doctrine, but your family is under threat. Your family is at risk. So without us, you're in peril'"


My wife and I made it a point to try to replicate a really good Disney cocktail, the Pago Pago Painkiller at the Polynesian Resort. The recipes we found online seemed… wrong… and after attempting one, we were positive they were not accurate at all.

I decided to tinker based on some feelings and we might’ve hit it spot on. Will probably adjust slightly, but what surprised me most is how were these other recipes so far off??

Here's a fun thing: #DIT is now a stardate-compatible date system, with the inclusion of Year and day standards.

By stardate-compatible, I mean that it can be used to define an objective year, day, and time of day.

the year is the human era year (holocene calendar) which adds 10,000 to the current common year (current year 12022)

The day is the day of the year.

I'll call the full date under this standard StarDIT.

The current StarDIT is 12022:188:6.85

Alternatively, instead of StarDIT, the full calendar system can simply be referred to as DIT (Decimal Interstellar Time)

Weeks, if necessary, can be defined by the current Day Of Year modulo 10, (where 0= 10th day of the week)

weeks are long enough that months are kind of unecessary

Rest days are decided by people for themselves, but recommended standard is 4 rest days per week, minimum.

So today would be the 8th day of the 19th week because 188 modulo 10 is 8.

The 5 or 6 days at the end of the year, day 360 to 365 or 366, can be used however people like, but a festival is recommended.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends, family, and strangers!

I think I'll chug some maple syrup in honor of it. Pure Quebec maple syrup, obviously.

Post Roe v Wade 

"We have entered an era not of unsafe abortion but of widespread state surveillance and criminalization—of pregnant women, certainly, but also of doctors and pharmacists and clinic staffers and volunteers and friends and family members, of anyone who comes into meaningful contact with a pregnancy that does not end in a healthy birth."


If I've been silent lately, it's certainly because I'm lost in thought.

The United States is ruled by a minority. The views held, and actions being taken, on Abortion by the Supreme Court, GOP, and conservative States, are not condoned by the majority of Americans news.gallup.com/poll/1576/abor

I'm afraid of losing all hope if this upcoming mid-term election cycle doesn't dramatically shift away from conservatives. I'm already teetering at the precipice. Do we really have anything to look forward to in the future that's laid out before us if we don't start choosing progress and freedom?


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Existential dread is on full force today. The path that the world (and specifically the US) has taken feels beyond hopeless. The Supreme Court today has ruled that women have less bodily autonomy than a corpse.

First bike ride in over 2 months. Short and sweet, but I clearly need it, for several reasons. I also need more accountability to be consistent while being so swamped with work and life.

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