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Junior dev: What's the best prefix for global variables?

Senior dev: //

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I wouldn't mind the new look if the focused tab on my current theme wasn't so contrasting! This is distracting.

How do you pronounce UUID? "double-u ID"? lmao

@sandycyborg The last page made me laugh, but I almost forgot about it! Why didn't you post about it? ^^

Also, any idea why I never get your boosts on my feed? :v

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Did some bits and bops of promo graphics for Itch today, including this spread of items (most of which are relate to scenes in the game)!

#lovewood #art #mastoArt #creativeToots

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Mushroom Towers - digital version (ink & Krita)

The shading is quick & dirty, but it was a good study for the watercolor version, as there are so many lighting sources (top, bottom, windows, lights). I'm going to need a lot of masking fluid...

#drawing #illustration #art #MastoArt #ink #krita #mushrooms #architecture

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It cost me literally no effort, but I'm trying on a touchscreen and the menu is so nice to navigate through 😌

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has structure has grown complex enough I have to run 3–4 vim workspaces at once to work on it.

Plus, there are three servers I need to have running: main game server requires the authentication server to work, and that one requires the website server to work.

.-. At least I could probably cut on the authentication stuff in dev once I implement saving tokens…

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Apple is making it more difficult for scummy app makers to hoover up every last bit of your private data. iOS now makes people opt in to being tracked. (Yes, I know it's not perfect.)

So #Facebook is trying to scare users into allowing tracking by threatening to make Facebook a paid app!

They would never do this. Even with reduced data via #Apple, Facebook has so many tentacles around the web that their knowledge of your private affairs will barely be affected.

#privacy #DeleteFacebook

Apparently you cannot download images from your own Google Docs document.


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🎂🍰 Anniversary! 🍰 🎂

Exactly a year ago, I started to draw daily. Most of the time it was fun, sometimes it was stressful, but I never regretted it. There is something liberating about posting your work online - not only if you're proud of it, but also if you think it looks shitty, and I probably wouldn't have made it without people to share it with.

Thank you for letting me be part of this community! 😘

Unwritten rule of motherboards: every computer generates a random key on boot to trigger the bootmenu (and another one for EFI).

Got multi-threading and IPC working perfectly in the server. Feels so good…

The story of humanity being replaced with robots like in King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard may be fiction, but the line "JavaScript person" sounds too realistic.

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