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Just read a post asking Eugen to resign from developing Mastodon and I really have to ask: what are you folks smoking?

It’s his project. It’s open source. Fork it if you want to. But what kind of mind-blowing sense of entitlement drives you to think you can tell someone they should stop working on something they’ve built?


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For the past few weeks one of my users had an issue, where the game froze on start. The logs indicated the game was still running and frames were still rendered — no issues apparently.

Today we entered a VC and after debugging for a while it turned out Windows freezes windows if they are larger than the screen! Just freezes and pretends the app ran into a loop.

Fixed now…

@sandycyborg well at least the gestures aren't there anymore, everybody is happy ^^

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@sandycyborg Odd, I remember mentioning this issue to you a few weeks ago.

@sandycyborg It's been annoying me before but it doesn't seem to be working anymore

@sandycyborg oh, I see the swiping gesture is no more? Much better ^^

Lmao at the first panel

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@Algot "dot net" is the most neutral from the generic domain names — network!

Admittedly, for a good moment I was wondering if this is a legitimate question or a pun. I still haven't figured out. I never know what's under your sleeve. ^^

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@v1nod Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Sounds worth of setting up, thanks!

Setting up my own e-mail server was much more complex than I expected 🤯 But I did it! Everything seems to work well now, I can send and receive messages both from/to localhost and external services.

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u, too, can doodle ur OC in various poses and decide to randomly put the sketches next to each other to make it look like u r an epic choreographer

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #OCs #Miriverse

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They should really really ban gambling ads on tv..

Even worse here in the NL, all "official" lotteries are in the end a "business" of the NL government so they can keep "control" addiction more etc but.. They are pumping in soo much money for advertisements they win each year the prize for "best ad" its just sickening. 🇳🇱

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