It cost me literally no effort, but I'm trying on a touchscreen and the menu is so nice to navigate through 😌

has structure has grown complex enough I have to run 3–4 vim workspaces at once to work on it.

Plus, there are three servers I need to have running: main game server requires the authentication server to work, and that one requires the website server to work.

.-. At least I could probably cut on the authentication stuff in dev once I implement saving tokens…

Got multi-threading and IPC working perfectly in the server. Feels so good…

Did quite a bit of work on the UI of today.

You can simultaneously wait for the server to get you in the game and browse menus or change settings.

Here's a new blog post about Samerion development. First one about programming — it's specifically about the programming languages and environments I tried to work with before finding the perfect one.

I thought, even if most features of don't rely on real time, eg. turn based combat etc., it would be really really cool to add some kind of PvP and PvE racing. Might be horse riding, but I could also go with some fantasy creatures.

I even thought of one area where players could race on something like wyverns… That would be awesome.

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I spent way too much time today on Discord, almost lost my 2 week commit streak. But, I got to write and publish a new Samerion blog post, this time on character races, particularly the playable ones:

Resource editor for Isodi is in the works!

Making that block move with the cursor was more troublesome than it might look like, so it was really satisfying to see it work in the end!

: I've been trying to map screen position to 3D space but everything has been going wrong.

It turns out… I have somehow been drawing everything upside-down. How does one even make such a mistake?

For the duration of development I think I should be releasing weekly posts. On Wednesdays, starting next week.

So yesterday I redesigned the website, today goes a new blog post. This time on combat — it's turn-based, but I'm hoping I'll be able to make it rather fast-paced despite that!

Rewritten and redesigned

Eventually I'll probably also add a Gemini for it.

Working on a new logo for !

Now with an original font — a mix of the old EG Dragon Caps and the classic Fraktur.

I may also make a colored version once I'm done.

Sketch + basic lines with
Detailing with

Monetization of Samerion — explaining the payment model of the game Samerion is an MMORPG so microtransactions are hardly avoidable.

TL;DR: no way of gaining advantage over other players using money; limited to skins and (eventually) early-access content

Samerion lore 

It isn't magic that makes you insane. It's knowledge. And I guess it makes you a powerful mage too.

Models and animations are working. The implementation isn't really complete and has bugs, but that's to fix later. For now I'll move on and make resource editor — it will make it easier to catch those bugs later.

I'm done with implementing isometric models: flat 2D textures applied to a 3D model. I've never seen anything like this in other games, so I feel like a pioneer…

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