Just realized the client will have to contain a minimal VM which could be controlled by the server, sooner or later. The client must be able to predict outcomes of its own actions, and this is the most reliable way.

Doing it now. It'll have 1kb memory, a max of 256 instructions per code and will automatically hang if it performs more than 4096 instructions.

I love how well does Samerion's menu design work with titlebars from awesome-nice.

Just merged 3 months of work on , with a total of 221 new commits.

Feels good.

Starting now, has full Linux support.

Mayhaps a bit ironic it didn't before, given I develop it on Linux, but I wasn't sure how to create a proper portable binary before. Now I do. 🚀

I feel like drawing an illustration for the next . Features magic. :sparkles_blue:

Most of the blog posts end up being just pure text, I don't like it!

I'll attempt making it quick, so it doesn't end up like most of my art taking days to finish 👀

Trying to use to build without glibc, I heard it's easier to make portable D executables this way.

I use ArchLinux as a daily driver, but Alpine feels a lot more low-level than that lol

gemini://samerion.com has launched! 🚀

It's a mirror of the HTML website, so far doesn't have login, but I'm planning to implement that one too, soon.

has been barely progressing, but I've made quite a lot of changes to Glui, so I guess I should count that as progress too. Samerion can't live without them!

It cost me literally no effort, but I'm trying on a touchscreen and the menu is so nice to navigate through 😌

has structure has grown complex enough I have to run 3–4 vim workspaces at once to work on it.

Plus, there are three servers I need to have running: main game server requires the authentication server to work, and that one requires the website server to work.

.-. At least I could probably cut on the authentication stuff in dev once I implement saving tokens…

Got multi-threading and IPC working perfectly in the server. Feels so good…

Here's a new blog post about Samerion development. First one about programming — it's specifically about the programming languages and environments I tried to work with before finding the perfect one.


I thought, even if most features of don't rely on real time, eg. turn based combat etc., it would be really really cool to add some kind of PvP and PvE racing. Might be horse riding, but I could also go with some fantasy creatures.

I even thought of one area where players could race on something like wyverns… That would be awesome.

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I spent way too much time today on Discord, almost lost my 2 week commit streak. But, I got to write and publish a new Samerion blog post, this time on character races, particularly the playable ones:


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