I wouldn't mind the new look if the focused tab on my current theme wasn't so contrasting! This is distracting.

Did quite a bit of work on the UI of today.

You can simultaneously wait for the server to get you in the game and browse menus or change settings.

Oh, and here's a video featuring the filePicker (which in order uses richLabel and onionFrame)

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After way too long, Steam suddenly let me reset my password, hurray!

On the side, it wanted me to confirm it using the steam mobile app, for which I need to be logged in on it, but for some reason Steam constantly logs me out of it.

Anyway, now I reset my password and everything should be okay, right? right?


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Resource editor for Isodi is in the works!

Making that block move with the cursor was more troublesome than it might look like, so it was really satisfying to see it work in the end!

Windows? Microsoft? I think you haven't heard of the true enemy of Linux 

It's Nolok, of course.

Working on a new logo for !

Now with an original font — a mix of the old EG Dragon Caps and the classic Fraktur.

I may also make a colored version once I'm done.

Sketch + basic lines with
Detailing with

Wrote a few helpers to let me change the code on left to the code on right. So much better…

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