[1/2] In light of recent events, we removed our (little) content from LBRY/Odysee, and will be happy to accept suggestions for an alternative privacy-oriented video hosting platform for future content.

The increasing "cryptocurrency" focus of the platform design is, predictably, distracting from making and consuming actual content. It is essentially a trading platform, with fees for content creation, constant buy/sell mechanisms that mess with the usability.

(original: twitter.com/tuxphones/status/1)

[2/2] Furthermore, the management (see @OdyseeTeam / @LBRYcom on Twitter) is not only immature and overly focused on the cryptocurrency (reads "get rich") part, but also making... arguable claims on women and people on the autistic spectrum.

On the other hand, #PeerTube, looks overall more genuine and FOSS-friendly, so we will probably have better luck there!

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