Is this ok to enable googlevideo js in to watch still google gets anything from me ?

using as alt to firefox from now on i'm freefox

for bookmarks -
for passwords - keepassxc webrowser integration

setting in is a tough job and latest like or that is fking impossible

hi @session to own a ons for session how much should be paid and how much / year ?

finally on had alt working like a charm with .appimage

Nothing so sharpens the thought process as writing down one's arguments. Weaknesses overlooked in oral discussion become painfully obvious on the written page

The earlier one starts the better, but if one has been sedentary for years, exercise at any age quickly tries to help strengthen the bones. Your health, therefore, is in your hands only.

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Regular exercise and good nutrition are the key to keep the bones healthy for a long time. The main culprit in the diet is salt. Since sodium exchanges for calcium in the kidneys the more salt one eats more calcium one loses from the body. Low salt intake, even when one is young, would go a long way in keeping normal bone density longer. High calcium content in diet is another vital part of good health. Many of us think that milk is a good source of calcium. Yes, it is for the calf and not for man. Milk is bad food for man. Highly absorbable calcium is found in abundance in dark leafy vegetables and beans. In the west there are the calcium rich vegetable milks made from Soya, rice, almonds and oats. Oral calcium is no good. Higher the calcium intake as a drug, larger is the calcium quantity that gets lost through the kidneys, leaving the system with a negative calcium balance at the end of the day. Exercise is the key to healthy bones.

A Clever Person Solves a Problem. A Wise Person Avoids It

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

✅ An Agorist Primer by Samuel Edward Konkin - III

i use as my default search engine it is and at the same time you can earn tokens & when you enter like btc in the search bar you can the see the price chart that's what i like most & who are in

btw dyor b4usin

The goal of is the . The society of the open marketplace as near to untainted by theft, assault, and fraud as can be humanly attained is as close to a free society as can be achieved. And a free society is the only one in which each and every one of us can satisfy his or her subjective values without crushing others' values by violence and coercion.
— Samuel Edward Konkin III

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