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Amalgamation is one of those words that just has a nice feel to it.

the official MTG discord opened a discussion channel and they dont allow cuss words

aw they dont sell the psycholonials merch anymore, I should have gotten a joculine mask or a logo shirt

I dont care that im being misgendered more often, Im fuckin hot

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google flights now lists the carbon footprint of your ticket, in what is perhaps the least helpful method of shifting responsibility to individual consumption yet

as a kid my parents teased me for liking the main girl but my brain was actually just "alan cummings πŸ‘€ "

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I have received word that it was not a mistake, they dropped a lot of prosuct in the merge. Now I have moved from the controversial "Homestuck Artist" title to the inevitable "Expunged From Homestuck Artist"

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ForFansByFans moved to GoodSmileUS... Without their entire catalog.

Losses include a ton of fan designs

Including mine


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resident evil 4 is surrounded by homestuck on all sides

Starbucks playlist in current year has Blurred Lines

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

go to the bathroom and come back to my coworker chugging my water dude it's got my name on it

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