Hi @stux! Can you tell me, please, what is the delay before profile links metadata verification complete ?

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@stux Argh… so did I miss something ? I correctly set required tag non both websites (<a rel="me" href=""></a>) but nothing appears on my profile πŸ€”

@skynewz I see the link does not close correct?

<a href="url">TITLE</a>

@stux The documentation indicates that the link content is not important. So it is correctly closed but without title no ?

@skynewz I do see it the link in the source code but can't find it on the website?

@stux Yes, because they don't have any text content, there are invisible for the end user but visible in the HTML source code. I will try a dummy website with and without text content

@stux OH! During my test, all websites becomes verified at once πŸ˜… Thanks for you help !

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