Is it possible to view another Mastodon instance timeline ? Like the local or federated ones ?


@Freeplay do you have an idea ? Because you are helping me since my arrival here πŸ˜…

And, also, I can see some toots with « RT ». Is it a real syntax ? Thanks for advance !

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@skynewz I don't actually know, all I know is you can look at the local feeds for this one or all instances by using the local and federated tabs

The RT's you're seeing are usually from a twitter-mastodon crossposter, which has an option to post retweets to Mastodon. The one I use is

@Freeplay okayyy so there is the instances of the world in the Federated tab ?

Well, thanks you

@skynewz Yep! Although instance admins are able to block some due to... reasons

Here's a list of instances has blocked:

@Freeplay thank you very much for you help to understand this network! I'm sure it'll take weeks to find accounts to follow (news, tech, lists,…), but thank you again!

We met on Twitter so you are using both networks. You especially want to use both ? Or maybe it’s hard to leave Twitter or something else ? Just for my understanding. In couple of hours learning here, I still haven’t found my interest in it (yet).

@skynewz I use both because most of my friends don't really care at all about the fedi sadly, plus other people I follow who don't even know it exists / also don't care...

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