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@isiosstable@twitter.com Honestly, (Iphone 12 Regular)

My battery life on dev beta 6 is better than it has ever been on any stable version pre ios 16
Literally incredible

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2000 artistes ont été mis au défi de créer une animation 3D de cinq secondes pour déplacer une balle du haut vers le bas de l'écran.
Toutes les propositions ont ensuite été combinées pour former une machine à billes 3D collaborative.

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Les se terminent ce soir !
On finit en beauté avec une trottinette électrique à gagner : bit.ly/3vWFLcX

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⏰ TAS 11/05

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Avec @HMGaming@twitter.com on vous fait gagner cette chaise Herman Miller Gaming Embody
d'une valeur de 1600€🔥

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Bonne chance à tous!
TAS LE 16/05

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Les amis, avec @HMGaming@twitter.com on vous fait remporter une chaise Herman Miller Gaming Embody🎁 d'une valeur de 1600€🔥, la même que la mienne!!!!

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Bonne chance à tous!
TAS LE 15/05

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Mastodon has Direct Messages (DMs), there are two ways to make them happen:

-Create a normal message, set its privacy to "Direct" and then @ mention whomever you want to receive the message. If you mention more than one person it becomes a group chat. This works on all apps and versions of Mastodon.


-If you're logged in through the website, or if you're using a third party app, you can click on the "..." menu on a post or a person's profile and select Direct Message. This then automatically creates a direct message just like the one in the previous method. You can also look at your previous DMs by clicking on the envelope or the "Direct Message" link in the menu.

The official apps don't currently have any specific DM features, but you can use the first method in them and it works fine.

The end result of both methods is exactly the same.

"Pro" tip! :blobcatgiggle:

For those of you who like to stream on for example..

We all know that Twitch is kinda the same bs, privacy wise as any other mainstream social platform. What's the alternative you say?

Well, it's called !

You can easily setup your very own streaming platform with a chat and all, it's even federated!


Next to as replacement for we also have a ton of other free open source services without ads and tracking!

pixey.org - as Instagram

peertube.tv - as YouTube

chat.mstdn.social - as WhatsApp

misskey.ai - as Facebook

Most of these services connect with each other! For example, you can follow me also on:


That's called the or Federated Universe :fediverse:

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The future of is unclear..

If you want a safe, friendly social home why not join ? It's like Twitter but free open source software without ads.

Everyone can run a server or join an existing one!

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Le 1er avril, c’est le seul jour où les gens vérifient une info avant de la croire.

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This is possibly the most important and long-awaited tweet that I've ever composed.

On behalf of @Twitter@twitter.com, I am delighted to announce their new @TorProject@twitter.com onion service, at:


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