ahoy, happy late new year :)
i made some sketches of these tiny little ice cream dudes that could be an original species in the future, thought i'd share to see what yall think

and yes this is the first mastodon exclusive, yall getting the special treatment

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I just now realized that most of my drawings are of me just because i can't decide on one good profile picture, so, i'll start cooking up new stuff soon, and that stuff will be posted here first, waaaay before it goes on any other socials that i have, so you guys get more exclusive stuff.

This was made on the final day of Unus Annus' lifespan. didn't really post it anywhere else other than the now deleted reddit, so y'all are getting an exclusive.

Here's probably my best known drawing (honestly its just because it features a well known character lol), i rearely do fanarts of things i like but i made an exception for legoshi.

hey yo been missing for a few days, dont worry ill post some more of my old art soon

alright once again thats all, thanks yall

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ahoy, missed out yesterdays arts but dont worry ill post em right now

alright thats your dosage of 4 drawings for today, see you in a few.

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