Yesterday I posted about community composting, a great way to reduce what goes into landfills. But what about wasted food? Producing food takes resources, and though we are using #PlasticFreeJuly to make year-round changes, so much food comes in packaging! If we can waste less, we use less packaging too. Here's a timely Vox article about why we're throwing away so much food.

In short, use your senses, not the sell-by date. Does it look bad? Smell bad? No? You can still use it.

Companies benefit from telling you that what you buy will spoil, and making you throw it out and buy more. It's not always nefarious: they want you to associate their product with perfection, not still-pretty-good. But as long as it's safe and doesn't taste bad, eat it!

A tip not in the article that I've found invaluable: get a bread box for your bread. I chose a metal one for the aesthetics, but you can get a wood one for the same purpose. I'm amazed at how long bread stays fresh.

@skatem Aaaawww! Happy forever-home-day! And many, many happy returns!

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