Dad: "Here take this $100 and buy anything you want".

Forgive me my pettiness. It was once a laudable thing that there was a single media outlet in some countries that was the pinnacle of the profession.

The personalities were paid well and others would aspire to those roles. The most skilled and the lofty standards of speech, diction, and vocabulary, and internal standards people, provided feedback, training and standards.

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Professional radio interview person who speaks on radio as their job, on the National public broadcaster. Their only job, using English, their first language, and language being their job: "How long have you been a fer-tographer?"

@stux great comment on this video - "why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet? they looked at the reviews - only 1 star"

Need a new word for how time passes during this pandemic-fast yet slooowww. Drast? (Drag + fast). Meanwhile it’s

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