An amazing experience of delivering a session to entrepreneurs on in Chandigarh in collaboration with @google
Training n guiding them how digital can help them in their business and how individuals can earn respectable amount.

Let's hope for a calm Saturday tomorrow, safe from storms of all sorts. Let us be calm, irrespective of any provocation. May the Almighty render peace to this land and justice to all her people. May he also grant the people the fortitude to accept any judgment, without looking to celebrate victory or mourn defeat. Let India win and emerge stronger. Jai Hind.

दिल्ली देश का पहला राज्य है जहाँ #पुलिस सुरक्षा मांग रही है ।

#वकील न्याय मांग रहे है ।

और जनता सांस लेने के लिए oxygen मांग रही है।


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