@englishroleplayer hello, admin!! i want to look for more friends especially my members and labelmates 🥺 those who are interested can immediately slide in my mentions!! thank you in advance, lovely ❤️

@shinjiyoom it’s because i was imitating myself, more specifically this picture right here >__<

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beeehind pictures for our 3rd week fansign is: OUT!! the pose in the second picture looks familiar... don’t you think so? 🤔

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W/N : This platform is a PUBLIC platform. it's made for PUBLIC to interact each other, not ONLY to satisfy your RP needs. So please, respect the other users besides RP users. Use "enlisted" / "direct" on the 🌎 icon to reply other user's toot or to mention someone. With that, your toot won't be visible on the public timeline and of course it won't disturb other users. Also, watch out for spamming/flooding. The system may auto reports you and @ stux may silence your account. Please cooperate 😁🙏

m!countdown time 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ with pink team!!

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