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8 Filipino Tablighi Jamaat members discharged by court

Vashi police had filed a case against them on charges pertaining to spread of an infectious disease under Indian Penal Code as well as sections of the Epidemic Diseases Act and the Foreigners Act!!!


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health minister KK Shailaja is number 1 on Prospect magazine's list of world’s top 50 thinkers 2020.


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This has to be a joke. A game isn’t developed in 2 days.

The Modi govt literally banned PUBG citing “sovereignty & security of India” just so that their crony could launch a game called FAU-G.

I mean there’s not even a pretense anymore. The name literally is a give away. twitter.com/akshaykumar/status

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On hate channels like Republic, Times Now & India Today—and their owners. ⁦@ranjona⁩ retakes them on. mxmindia.com/2020/09/ranjona-b

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You might want to file this under unbelievable but true.
Ten Kashmiri boys have been booked under a dreaded “anti-terror” law for playing cricket.

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Australia: Greens MP Tables Motion Against CAA, Calls for Review of Trade Links With India

"Protests & dissent have been met with an authoritarian government response & civil liberties have been dramatically curtailed," said @ShoebridgeMLC


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Is it reasonable or is it treasonable to allow our sovereign territory to be alienated and to deny to the nation that there has been no such loss?

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Even after Modi delivered the worst economic growth ever in India's history,

Even after seeing Modi's blatant favoritism towards Ambani & Adani,

Not a single industrialist has criticised Modi's handling of the Economy!

That's the Power of CBI + IT + ED.
No Vocal by Local.

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Too much turmeric, methi, vitamin D — Doctors fight new emergencies driven by Covid fear theprint.in/health/too-much-tu via @ThePrintIndia

Read this and forward too all the WhatsApp waley doctors.

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: : आप सांसद संजय सिंह की प्रेस कांफ्रेंस- 2600 का सामान 9950 रुपए खरीदा गया, यूपी के हर जिले में यही भ्रष्टाचार हो रहा।


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Telangana, be proud of how you treat your women. Be very proud.
25% between age 15-24 do not have access to menstrual hygiene
45% have experienced physical or sexual violence
76% have no say in financial decisions twitter.com/WomComMatters/stat

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Mob Mentality: How the Modi government fuels a dangerous vigilantism

@HartoshSinghBal in the September issue: bit.ly/3bqQ9xu

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Deep salaams to @thecaravanindia for their unflinchingly courageous journalism. twitter.com/vinodjose/status/1

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Human rights watch concerned about the use of pellet guns in Kashmir. But India celebrates its use and cherish our injuries.

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Though I doubt new generation has any intellectual capacity or interest in reading books. This nation has gone back to medieval time. Knowledge enlightenment are irrelevant. But still, here is Nehru's work. If you want to know him before you speak. twitter.com/Jairam_Ramesh/stat

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@redditindia @ATDOY88 Fit case for Supreme Court to initiate Suo Moto action and demand the State Government must give detailed reasons for each of the 62 cases.

Just because they belong to BJP cannot be given as the common reason - though that is the actual reason.

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