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Today my friend's rapist was found guilty.

He got 50 hours of community service and a final warning from the University that's valid for 2 years.

Don't ever ask me why we don't come forward.

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A victory for those campaigning for his resignation from pending an inquiry following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. @sonamohapatra was spearheading this. outlookindia.com/newsscroll/an

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8956 people were charged with sedition for protesting against nuclear plant. 100s of open-ended FIRs (like in ) were filed to terrorise locals, damage their livelihoods and 8 yrs later their struggle continues. Congress-led UPA did this. BJP learnt from it. twitter.com/dhanyarajendran/st

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Fight for the planet wherever you live, stand up against environmental injustice. Join hands in condemning Bolsonaro's invitation as guest of honor during Republic Day. @narendramodi @jairbolsonaro

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A Muslim women can teach "Kirtan", but a Muslim cannot teach "Sanskrit" ! High time, we come out of our shells, stop being s pawns of these conniving netas, who will alway scheme to keep us divided. Let us b Indians first !
@rwac48 @AdityaMenon22 @ikaveri sikhnet.com/news/muslim-woman-

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Former Home & Finance minister @PChidambaram_IN is under trial & in jail, Former J&K CMs Farooq Abdullah, @OmarAbdullah & @MehboobaMufti are under house arrest without any trial, but a terror accused who is out on bail is nominated in parliamentary Defence panel.

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NRC: The rhetoric that Hindus will not be affected and Muslims will be targeted is what the BJP wants to project, and its supporters want to believe. However, that is not how it turned out in Assam


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A time will come when anyone who opposes this govt will be called an immigrant and citizenship scrapped. SC will put the issue in cold freeze and victims will languish in jail like Sudha Bharadwaj twitter.com/svaradarajan/statu

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In its response in parliament in 2003, the MHA had said that its security arrangements ensured proper monitoring of phones. In 2019,the government says it is incapable of doing that and needs to shut down mobiles... twitter.com/AmanKayamHai_ET/st

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Guys, a sincere request. Do not upload pics of your kids here. You can on FB with proper privacy done (though even that is undesired). Lots of sexual perverts roaming around & u won't even guess it.
Trust me few weeks back came across a handle so sick that am still reeling

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In September, we travelled to Srinagar and reported at how the communication blockade has affected healthcare services and brought Ayushman Bharat to a halt. Our report was cited in the Supreme Court today. (Though Mehta called it fake)
indiaspend.com/in-jk-shutdown- twitter.com/barandbench/status

... and thus j& K can never be terror free and shall remain in status quo forever! Amen.
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AG: For a person, his past record shows what may happen in the future, which needs to be prevented. Like that for J&K's past record showed a series of terror attacks

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I am not making this up.. the SG of India tells the SC of India do NOT closely scrutinize the language of Section 144 imposed in an ENTIRE state of as the orders were NOT issued by "Legally trained minds ". This is India in 2019!! twitter.com/legaljournalist/st

After reading the arguments of Mr. Mehta, I'm wondering what all the brouhaha about Kashmir is. Seems to be a very safe and normal place!
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No, this is not The Onion. The senior government counsel has actually cited a fake news website as a source of genuine information. twitter.com/barandbench/status

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Vote mismatch in 347 out of 542 LS seats and the difference bigger than the margin of victory in 6 states telegraphindia.com/india/vote-

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214 economists point out that Indian citizens should benefit from official data collection paid for with their taxes. Undermining the objectivity and credibility of an independent statistical system is fundamentally against the national interest.

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My piece: “ Indian democracy is being devastated and we are all willing participants in its bonfire “. 420: My name is Bond, Electoral Bond! in.news.yahoo.com/the-sanjay-j via @Yahoo

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A group of 204 scholars, largely economists, working around the world have written an open letter asking the Centre to release all reports and data from the NSSO that have been internally approved.


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I would say that companies need to look at what they're implementing not just as tech but also from the risks this creates for customers. They need to be more responsible.

I'm calling for a moratorium on the rollout of facial recognition systems until we have law's governing it.

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