You guys I thought that I was that bitch but it turns out I’m just a fat bitch.

Any fun MMORPGs on Linux? Preferably with a solid player base.

I’m 32 next month and have yet to decide which Golden Girl I aspire to be.

If you’ve ever bullied a retail employee, you don’t deserve to shop.

I’m kind of terrified at the idea of one day not existing.

It’s really hard to figure out what life’s about when you think of the scope of the universe. We exist in a giant ever expanding space but we limit our lives to paying bills and working. What are we accomplishing? Are we just wasting time until we expire? And what then? It’s just over? Seems so anticlimactic and pointless.

The autocorrect on my phone thinks “henny” is a proper noun. I’m very gay.

Life might just be about living right now. Holy shit I’m wise.

I need to stop reading the damn news. Climate change is truly fucking terrifying.

It’s important to remember to always come from a place of love. Not only that but try to find the love in where others come from too (even when it feels impossible).

Anyone know a well scripted and populated WoW private server?

Mental health is no joke y’all. Might be time to switch meds.

Just started “The Circle” on Netflix and I’m hooked. I dislike most of them but it’s so damn interesting! Like Big Brother but more interesting.

I kinda wanna play World of Warcraft. I’ve only dabbled before but I find it really relaxing.

Cribs was literally just a show about rich people showing off.

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