@ivy @birds My mistake, I didn't realize the follow request was from you.

Ontario politics 

@Jadedsoul905@kolektiva.social Ohh, my gaaaahd. My ears! 😭

Sharing on behalf of a friend, a Latinx trans woman in Houston who's fundraising for HRT and gender-affirming surgery. Would appreciate if you can donate and boost. Thanks 💜

Venmo: Farrah-Fang-92
Cashapp: $farrahfang12
GoFundMe: gofund.me/03bed26f

request for funds, financial instability, homelessness 

@Jadedsoul905@kolektiva.social Thanks! Also, just realised that all my replies were for followers only.

CORRECTED GFM URL: gofundme.com/f/help-a-mother-o

request for funds, financial instability, homelessness 

Please, boost. A homeless, single Black mom of two young kids needs funds for a place to stay and other necessities. Payment info is as follows:
Cashapp: $preciousjackson24
PayPal: leebandz2400@gmail.com
GoFundMe: gofundme.com/f/help-a-mother-o



@eilluwtfad That is too relatable! I feel like it's intentional when people do that.

@leeway Oh, this drawing is gorgeous! I would definitely grab a shirt when they're available.

@micha_ella @plants@gup.pe I definitely don't have a green thumb, but those plants are gorgeous!

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