Hey Mastodon server administrators!

A lot of new users are wanting to use the "what's happening" feature to see what kind of public posts are made on your server. You might want to switch it on?

You can switch it on by going to Preferences > Administration > Site Settings, and tick the box marked "Allow unauthenticated access to public timeline", then click "Save changes".

Also, I would strongly advise you to NOT tick the box marked "Include federated content on unauthenticated public timeline page". All this second box does is fill your "what's happening" page with posts from other people's servers, and it doesn't really help people know what your server is like.

@feditips Thanks for the explanation! I think I got confused because the URL mastodon.social redirects in a web browser to joinmastodon.org, and on that site mastodon.social does not seem to be in the list of servers. So somehow it's the home of the list, but not on the list?


They are redirecting to joinmastodon because mastodon.social is full up, basically.

Mastodon.social happens to be owned by the same people who maintain the server list, but that's not the reason they are redirecting to the list. Other servers do the same thing if they get full up.


@feditips Thanks again! I'm sorry, I think I replied hastily to a message which you then updated with a fuller explanation.

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