Nothing like working on a design for a client, where, when making a header, I notice that all I've done is produce a variant of the asexuality pride flag.

At least after removed one block, and blending in a background image, I was able to fix it.

Nothing to break one’s mood and drive them straight into a funk like finding out that a client that I thought that I had lined up decided to work with someone who has nothing. And by nothing, I mean no site (which I think would be crucial for web design), no portfolio, absolutely nothing.

Like, is my stuff really that bad that taking a shot in the dark is a better alternative?

I had created an account at that huge microblogging site for business reasons. I deleted it the moment that narcissist who probably misses apartheid in his country of origin bought it. Once I get the formal launch done, they shirt will be done here or in Patreon

Where’s a clue-by-four when you really need one? I really have lost what little patience I’ve ever had with people who think that all opinions are equally valid, particularly when theirs is coming from a place of ignorance, and mine comes from both education and experience in the field.

Also, should be able to get a two or three Patreon tiers ready today, and have the rewards for a few weeks to a month ready, and get it all linked on the main site.

Hopefully, at least soon this will all be less of a money sink.

Not great art, but I like the lighting. And how can you go wrong with a

Nice. I feel better about taking the time off now that a friend tested the site on mobile, and at least there's full functionality. A bit of weight off my mind.

Of course, I realised today that I have to redo the logo because I lost the original .svg file and had to go back to the hand-drawn original and trace it again in Inkscape.

Now, I just need to find a way to apply the brush stroke correctly. I might have had to open it in Affinity Designer to do that part, though.

I promised myself that once I got the bloody site up in "good enough for now" condition, that I wouldn't touch it for several days, just to give myself a break.

Now, the major "known issues" are bugging me enough that I'm getting tempted to break that promise. It's really strange forcing myself to stop working on this thing, and I'm normally so good about being lazy.

Okay, I'm going to put the link in my profile after I get some rest, but I finally have a working site up ( I know there are a number of tweaks, improvements, content additiopns, and particularly for mobile, fixing code, but I have something to start with.


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Wow, this is HUGE news.

The #FTC has filed in federal court for a restraining order against #Intuit, the makers of #TurboTax over "the deceptive claim that consumers can file their #taxes for free using TurboTax when in truth" they often cannot.

I recommend folks to read this piece from 2019 on how we got to this point:

Also this series if you want to go further:

I'm also wondering that if in addition to standard print/web design stuff (I'd rather focus on real art, but gotta pay bills), I should sell typesetting services. I really don't want to spend large amounts of time dealing with LaTeX, but the local market *is* less saturated.

I've been quiet for quite some time, as a result of burning the candle at both ends for most of my waking hours, and mindlessly gaming for the remainder.

Also, misanthropy levels had been reaching a critical point.

But I got the LLC paperwork filed yesterday, and should be able to get the business license ones next week. Now, I'm just editing and proofreading the site so I can soft-launch it later today.

The prospect of trying to create an art/design thing not just for money, but to do something with my art instead of negatives filling up boxes, and files cluttering multiple drives. Hosting things for other artists will be fun, too.

But damn, all those filings have left me broke for the next week, and thankful that I have a regular job at night.

Le sigh. I’ve gotten a Skype number for the business, and will file the papers next week. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to launch the website as a one-person show, ‘cos everyone else is too busy with current jobs/school, or has other stuff going on.

But, I guess that I am starting to grow up a little, instead of just growing older, since I’m a bit more understanding and not just ranting.

So, I ended up getting an iPad to replace the Wacom tablet that I had to get rid of due to driver conflicts. It does perform admirably at that task, I do also want to use it as something that I can
a) throw in my bag and add to my EDC, and
b) do real work when a proper laptop is overkill

I have spent some of these past couple of weeks grumbling about having to (re)buy a bunch of software, and the dearth of solid a solid open-source ecosystem. But right now, I need recommendations for both digital painting (raster) software (I use Krita on the desktop/laptop), and a solid text-editor (I’m used to BBEdit, Kate, and vim)

Site launch delays 

Within about a week, I'm going to launch a site for the art and design business I'm starting, as well as dealing with remaining paperwork for the legal aspect.
I fought hard on getting all of the code layout, and overall art/design done, especially since I'm terrible at coding. Of course, if we want to actually offer services, beyond what I can do in my free time, I need at least one or two of these people to provide me with portfolio stuff. I can even photograph any physical pieces.

But, no, in the stereotypical artist manner, I have nothing concrete from anyone else, so I'm probably going to have to launch with just my solo stuff.

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"Russian tanks captured in Ukraine do not need to be declared as income, Ukraine's tax agency announced Tuesday."

I ended up getting an iPad Pro a couple of days back, basically as a Wacom replacement (was having driver conflicts with that), and for basic computing where the phone isn't enough, and the laptop is overkill.

It does what I need, and more when you count the 3-d scanning potential with LiDAR, but gods, just getting it to play with other devices is a PITA. On the Mac, I had to buy some 3rd party software, because Apple's built-in thing won't let me mirror only to one display.

Now I'm trying to get it playing nice with the Linux laptop, which requires going through VNC, and makes me glad that I'm not relying on integrated graphics. It's 2022 FFS, you'd hope that device interoperability wouldn't be such a PITA.

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Massive explosions reported near Kyiv 

Two large explosions lit up the night sky to the southwest of Kyiv early Sunday morning with one detonation that appeared to be approximately 20 kilometers, or about 12 miles, from the city center.

The second explosion rocked western Kyiv just before 1 a.m. local time (6 p.m. ET Saturday). The second blast also came from the south-western part of the city, in the direction of the city's second major airport.

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