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it’s very punk rock and sexy of us to care about other people actually i’m tired of apathy and nihilism we CAN and SHOULD build a softer world if only because it is within our power and imagination to do so

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Looks like Amazon is retiring the Goodreads API, which just another step towards basically abandoning Goodreads and folding it into some other Amazon service I guess:

My advice? Get off Goodreads while you still can (ie export your content) and move over to StoryGraph:

A black-owned startup finally developing a viable alternative to Goodreads. Fuck yeah!

(Why not LibraryThings? Because, guess what.. it’s also owned by Amazon!)

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Happy #mastodonmonday everybody. It's the day where we only post on mastodon and other federated platforms. It's a weekly thing every Monday from now until we've crushed corporate social media and zuck starts posting on here "I used to be somebody, facebonk you remember? Anybody?" Welcome to all the new people. If you haven't done so already, please make an #introduction post so you can start finding your mutuals. That is all... Have a wonderful day.

I’m Meg (she/her) who lives in Chicago. I’m a queer, introverted human who loves to find like minded individuals to connect with.

I’m into knitting, embroidery, other crafts, plants, queer positivity, sex positivity, activism, reading, excellent memes, math, true crime, other random things that constantly evolve.

Hoping to find community here!

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