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@Bhavika @Amber Anyways, Punjab is really celebrating today. Rahul Gandhi took a bold n amazing decision. Bloody no opposing voice whatsoever.

Those who doubt the sexiest outlook of manu smriti, have your ever seen a female pandit in any temple?

@Bhavika @Amber Lets see, whether the country has come to its senses or not.

@Bhavika @Amber we have been hearing about this for years now. Party doesn’t depend on one individual but the message these things send out is, embarrassing.

@Amber @Bhavika congratulation. Citizen to vaise bhi 3 saal main ban jaana tha. Congratulations for finding the right one.

@Amber @Bhavika it always begin like this. Once you get the ‘survival job’, start searching for the one u want more aggressively. Don’t get comfortable. Inflation is so high, one never gets out of the cycle of paying bills and earning. That is what keeps you where u are.

@Amber @Bhavika Canada has a habit of pushing immigrants to alternate careers. Beware of that. It ll be hard but keeping pushing for what u specialize in.

@Amber @Bhavika canada main job? 😳😳😳😳, Canadian job market is the biggest perception fraud.

@thinkinginwords We need to spend ample time with someone to know whether we can live with them or not. Worst part is that narcissist are usually very charming. They have mastered the art of manipulating people into admiring them. Getting into arguments to prove themselves right despite being wrong is part of that game. So if you have accidentally fallen into that trap, you need to up your game in order to survive.

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