If you had to raise your voice, repeat your self, and ignore what the other had to say, then it is safe to say, your argument din’t have any substance.

@sahilsehgal but that's the concerning thing is that nobody cares. They just care about the attention that they're getting so they get louder.

@thinkinginwords well living with a narcissist is difficult, and if you tell them that they are being narcissist, you are their biggest enemy.

@thinkinginwords We need to spend ample time with someone to know whether we can live with them or not. Worst part is that narcissist are usually very charming. They have mastered the art of manipulating people into admiring them. Getting into arguments to prove themselves right despite being wrong is part of that game. So if you have accidentally fallen into that trap, you need to up your game in order to survive.

@sahilsehgal I hear everything you're saying but you solved your own riddle. By knowing the warning signs and more importantly, being secure in ourselves, can help mitigate and reduce our harm. Physical, mental and emotional. I think some guys are insecure and it's almost like society tells them what type of girl to get. Drive around any college town and you'll see these girls wearing the exact same outfit. Be secure in yourself.

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