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"Because sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can break our hearts. And if we are not careful, they can shatter our dreams."

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@ryuujin Haha :blobcatgiggle: No, i saw i did not followed you yet! :blobblush: luckily now I do :blobcathearts:

Did stux just follow me back just because I don't like coffee without milk too??? 😭😭 the ✨ softest ✨

I love you @stux 😳

Beda feeling deh ngetoot disini sama app sebelah 😔

Bye twittod aku dah move on dari kamu 😔💔

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test, maaf public. anak rp yang liat ayo followan?

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sorry public.
boost/reply this toot for a follow.
( tolong lgsg / auto fb, biar tidak spam )

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sorry for using public🥺

please rt or boost this toot for a follow
and don't forget to follow me back. thank you hehe

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Sorry public, anak rp followan yuk? sini rt/boost aja tp janji fb yaa

Kang @BASERPW_INDO tolong bantu boost dong! Aku nyari mutual yg buanyakkk. Terus kalo ada yg kenal @.gmlaksi di twt, ping aku :>

Thankies! 💓

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