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Unfortunately, the need for a new website only becomes more evident over time — not less. That’s the position that our client Coleen Kelly Mast found her website in last year. Her website was on an older platform and needed a refresh to better spotlight her work and current products and services.

Flash is dead. But your website shouldn't be. We recently helped Earth Music Guide re-launch their interactive music guide using modern web technologies. Retro site, modern tech, no Flash.

HubSpot is a streamlined marketing service first and foremost.

WordPress is a flexible CMS first and foremost.

Consequently, these two platforms have different strengths and weaknesses and the means of shoring up their weaknesses vary.

Are you concerned with where tech trends are taking your digital marketing strategy in 2021? Contact R Creative today for an evaluation and strategy to move forward and meet the new year with new sales!

Whether you’re educating in a blog post, sharing in a video, or putting content on social media, you want to ensure that you have a unified voice that matches your brand and connects appropriately with your desired audience.

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There are plenty of ways to digitize your website to help things hum along and provide a seamless experience for your users. We're only going to see more automated digitization going into 2021

Once you know who you’re marketing to, you can develop a marketing plan that puts your content right at their fingertips.

Reason # 1 your business needs a blog in 2021: Boost your local SEO, no matter how weird the world gets

After a year where people spent more time learning, socializing, and shopping online than ever before, we feel pretty confident to say that blogging is still very much going to be a thing as we move into 2021.

Introducing the new Sisterhood University website!

Empowering women of color through thought provoking conversations, education and resources.

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