Haggling with Snaggletooth The Snuggle Smuggler.

Drawing Challenge Day 2:
I wasn't all too inspired and quite tired. So here's a weird-looking plague doctor where the shadows aren't the only thing she should be concerned about.

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Made a deal with a friend to draw something—anything—every day. 'Cause drawing takes practice and making practice a daily habit is our only realistic chance to improve. This is Day 1:

Ambiguous (?) Cuddles 

Friendship Cuddles

On a hot and rainy summer night
It is Netflix and Chill
But for the chill
Mixed with a dash
Of danger.

The pain of reading one-shots, illustration, pixels on screen, c. 2019.

of course, the app UTTERLY CONSUMED the image, including the *meticulously* handcrafted caption.

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"The Day I Tried to Go on the Offensive" is 👌👌

An wizard-sapper and his vampire sister hunt a literal witch thru Saxony in 1841 to find out why their grandfather went missing. I'm really excited to see where this one is going.

Sometime, taking my daily walk far too late to see the sun isn't that bad after all.

The jeans pattern is coming along well: I've just pinned some seams on the freshly cut fabric for a quick toile. The parts are fitting together reasonably well so far.

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Constructing a dungeon for a TTRPG: I'm coming up with a murder plot on a sinking ship shaped like an iceberg. If my players approve of this dungeon, I might even write it down neatly and make it public.

Today was a good day: Yesterday night snow started to fall and today the whole town was white. It's really bright when I look outside, which raises my mood considerably.


Brewing Day 2: This time it's more chemistry and less reproducing old recipes.
I prepared some 500 ml jars with a 35% sugar solution and four different flavors (FLTR): Cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon; strawberry tea; green tea with lemon; and control (no flavor).

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I found the traditional birthday cake recipe of my mother's family: mandarin torte!
It's a bit hard to read for me, but this old cookbook really has a lot of charm (transcription is in the image description and here: rentry.co/gyhca).


The whole, very basic brewing setup. The towel keeps the light out and the fridge (ironically) provides a temperature just above 16°C.

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I started brewing some mead using a, let's say, creative airlock: After closing the jar I pulled the gasket out a bit. It's still making a seal but the flap part isn't wedged in between the lid and the jar. When pressure builds the gasket flap is pushed out just a bit to let the CO₂ escape. There's also a bit of liquid that's getting pushed out, so I'm positiv that no air is getting back in. We'll see how well this works out in about two weeks of time.

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