Been toying with a Library feature. It’s coming along pretty nicely 🥸

I don’t understand how COVID is still spiking after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened

Web3 is going just great...

...and is definitely not an enormous grift that's pouring lighter fluid on our already-smoldering planet.

#web3isgoinggreat #butnotreally

I’m not doing any of this for any particular purpose or goal. It’s how I meditate :)

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Had some downtime at work and decided to spend it on refactoring and updating my website.

I’m so proud of all the changes!

  • It’s very fast with Lighthouse scores and web vitals hovering over 96

  • It’s lazy, progressive, and installable

  • It has search powered by Algolia

  • It has hiking maps powered by Mapbox

  • It’s powered by with a ton of custom stuff

  • Opengraph images are generated right from the CMS

  • Rich MetaCards can be used for links

  • Images are optimized to the max yet look great

Also, let me add this: with this kind of customer service, I’ll buy whatever @system76 sells even when I don’t need it :heart_cybre:

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I think an SSD died in my Meerkat :( testdisk has been running for hours now, just hit 25%, so many read errors :(( I hope there’s a way to repair it rather than replace it. It’s still under warranty, though, so the only loss would be ADS-B uptime, I guess

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