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【印度再接再厉 下架59款中共国APP后又将审查另外275款】
印度宣布对 #TikTok#微信 等59款 #中共国 手机应用的禁令不满一个月,又将审查锁定275款中方APP。


据印度《经济时报》今(27)日报导,知情人士表示,印度已草拟出一份审查清单,其中包含275款中共国应用程式。包括,#腾讯 旗下 游戏 #绝地求生 (PubG)、#小米 短视频应用( #Zili )、#阿里巴巴 网络购物应用 #全球速卖通 (AliExpress),以及 #字节跳动 旗下音乐应用程式( #Resso)和相机( #ULike )等。



Everything here is under surveillance and censorship
- this is what wechat actually means for us.

My village just connected to the internet, I was finally able to make phone calls with my old SIM card.


或日,秦川王访诸卿,曰:“汝等谁有妙曲,吾将听之。” 是时,三掏粪男孩猴坐于大殿一角,闻王言,遂徐趋而至,对曰:“吾有一曲,名曰信仰之名,君子听之,心平,德和。”王曰:“速速奏曲!” 掏粪男孩遂歌而奏。

そうだ💡 大声出して音をかき消すナリ


I don't shower every day, because it takes too long time to dry my hair.


Trump, you should uncover your ears and stop being disrespectful, and you deturte also.

This is a signal that Trump is prepared to lean further into white nationalism to win the election.

First in 1921, Tulsa was the site of one of the country’s bloodiest outbreaks of racial violence, when white mobs attacked black citizens and businesses with guns and explosives dropped from airplanes. Secondly, the date is Juneteenth.

Dominating Juneteenth in Tulsa is an excellent way for the White House to affirm their commitment to ethno-nationalism.


In Atlanta, armed Black Panthers showed up and formed a line to lead and protect the Black Lives Matter protests.⁠

Bayanihan Act’s legality questioned at SC amid call to extend law

"Legislative power to make laws is vested in Congress. The President is merely tasked to execute the law,"

via Inquirer Mobile:

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