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hi :blobcatlost: my roleplayer friend i'm looking for selfoll friend! and roleplayer intl with eng speakers and bahasa, is there? if there please boost or reply to this post! and if you want to be my family and friends? let's get interact wimme :blobcathearthug: . Thank you! :blobcatlove:

@95 hi! V gosh! we meet again on this account, would you like to be my frinda here too?

@95 b-but i'm rarely active, that is okay V? :11138:

@jaemin hey jaemin! thank you for greeting me, want to interact with me? :ablobcatheartbroken:

@siwonchoi s-siwon oppa! I didn't expect that I would meet you, I was so shocked! would you like to be friends siwon oppa? i hope so.. :acat:

@danieel woooooowww! i found u daniel oppa! my b-bias😖 want to be my friends? :ablobcathappypaws:

@Evan hi evan oppa! I rarely see you, want to be my friends? i hope so.. :ablobcathappypaws:

@roje I have no rights to reject you so hi! Have you eaten your breakfast this morning?

@jeno waa! hi jeno, aaa cutie🥺 want to be my friends?

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