My ten year old daughter was a bit distraught that she had lost her kids watch at school. (The main piece had fallen out of the band).

She’s a pretty responsible kid, and we’re looking at some alternatives that she can use to track her steps. Preferably a solid piece watch as opposed to one having a removable piece.

Suggestions are welcome!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful recommendations and boosts. My daughter and I will work through the list to find something that will work for her, once her school day is done.

Ideally, it will pair nicely with an older iPhone, has a solid one-piece body (so we don’t run into another issue with losing the main piece), and can handle steps/time/timers. 😊

@robin Hopefully you'll find something soon for her!❤️

@robin the Pinetime tracks steps pretty well 🙂

@robin I had a Mi Band 4 with the same problem, it kept popping out of the band. I tried a handful of different style bands and they all had the same problem.
I've switched to one that uses a standard watch band; this one is a Umidgi Uwatch3 GPS, but there's a few different options. Amazifit Bip is a popular one, and that one has highly customizable faces which is fun for a kid.

@robin I don't know how usable the PineTime is these days, but it might be something to look at? It's CHEAP too.

Might still be at more of a dev stage though. Not sure yet.

...unsure how the strap is attached.

@frostwolf @neil @Mundon I like the so far upon quick scan. It’s unfortunately not in stock at the moment, but I’m going to keep digging on that one.

@robin @neil Oof, yeah, not surprised it's out of stock!

The plus side for that though is when it's in stock it's ACTUALLY in stock, like, physically in their warehouse. So you don't get "oops! you ordered it but the supply shortage means there aren't any made".

@robin my wife has the Garmin Venu 2 and she likes it! Have you tried them before? Alternately, a lot of phones have fitness tracking apps but the phones can be a bit bulky (speaking from experience as a runner!)

@robin Is she only interested in counting steps? If so would a cheap and simple pedometer be sufficient?

@TheDonsieLass She’s looking to track her steps, tell the time, and have at least one timer 😊

@robin my suggestion is a mi band 5. It is not expensive and works very well on my phone.

@ThorstenClaus Thank you, Thorsten. We will add this one to our review tonight!

@robin I have to recommend most Garmin products, they're all rather solid and have a desktop app. main problem is the price, bit higher than I'd like, but still neat

@robin pinetime. You don't want GAFAM tracking your kids.

@elias Thanks. I’d really like to get the , but they’re all out. The website says they are restocking later this month, so I’ll have to check back.

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