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If you’re on , go ahead and add me below. I’d love to connect and share recommendations. 🎥 🍿 :verified:

Very much looking forward to having tomorrow off. This is my work week’s Friday, and I’ll definitely be staying up tonight to catch a movie. 🍿

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Happy first day of Autumn for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, happy first day of Spring!

Either way, I hope all of you out there in the Fediverse have a fantastic day.

Good morning and good day, friends. ☕️ ☀️

Happy Friday evening/early Saturday morning good people. I picked up quite a few books from a hospital fundraiser. It was glorious. Don’t know where to start, so I’ll leave that decision to tomorrow.

For now, getting set to watch a FNW classic by Godard. It’ll be Vivre Sa Vie — one I haven’t yet seen.

RIP to Jean-Luc . I suppose I should give his classic, Breathless another chance. It didn’t appeal to me back in January, but I might like it better upon rewatch.

I hope that everyone’s having a great Saturday. Tonight, we’re staying in and having appetizers for dinner while we all watch a movie. Looking forward to it. 😊

That’s it. I’ve decided. I’m going back to an analog style watch once again. An eco-friendly one where I’ll never even have to change the battery.

Happy first week back to school for all the students and educators out there!

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The day after a long weekend reminds me that I just need to retire.

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Wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I confidently responded with, "nothing." Meaning, I wanted to stay home and just relax. Apparently, that wasn't the appropriate response. So, in turn, I asked her what SHE wanted to do for MY birthday. 😂

Spicy bomba calabrese sauce, where have you been all of my life? 😋

Happy Saturday, all. My three ladies are getting their hair done today and so it'll be me and the pup for the better part of the day. We'll have some fun 🐶 :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Good morning and good day, friends. I hope it’s an amazing Friday. ☕️ ☀️

Noticing some issues exporting my data set. Doesn't seem to create anything other than the header rows in the export file. Hmm

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope it's a great one.

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Can I maybe bother someone with 'trading' PayPal funds to iDEAL? ❤️

It's the weekend again and we cannot pay anywhere with PayPal here unfort :( If I send it to my bank it takes 3 days (since the weekend)..

Only for Europe/NL I think though!

Happy Friday, all. Hope the day brings with it lots of good things. Time for coffee and to get some reading in.

All of us are off today, and so we have a fun filled day of back-to-school items to pick up from various places.

Wish me luck 😄

Good morning, and good day all. I hope it's a great one.

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