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trick-or-treating a week early to beat the rush

Got some more rest last night and feeling better this morning. Time for some coffee and then we’ll take the pup out for a morning stroll. Good morning and good day, ☀️

We’re going to take the pup for a quick walk in this windy weather. Even with the wind, it will be good to get outside.

Good morning and good day, . I hope you’re all having a great day so far. Time for some coffee! :blobcatcoffee:

Good morning and good day, fediverse. Time for me to make some coffee and read for a bit. These next couple of weeks are going to feel so different.

That’s it for me for tonight. Goodnight, you wonderful people

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Enjoyed a fine, leisurely walk through a forest this evening. It’s mid-October and it’s nice to still have a few more days of this weather.

So I was right, I had to shut things down and go bed just over an hour in. I’m at the third act of the film, but I found it really well done and had been enjoying it. Will finish it tonight and cross another off the list.

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My poor grammar here indicates I may not be able to make it past the first hour of the movie 😆

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Going to watch a to watch tonight and try to stay up to see it through. Tonight it looks like it will be , a film I’ve never watched but am really only familiar with a few iconic moments.

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Alright alright, join our game for like a minute or 10, come say hi in the chat, and you might win a bag of the most delious Dutch delicacy: Truffel Kruidnoten 😁😁


(I'm just really excited that my friend finally started streaming. We're trying to get him to 20 viewers!!!)

I’ve finally been able to shower since being sent home. Slowly, slowly working to get my bearings again. It helps to take my time with the things I used to speed through.

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Anyone have a slow-cooker carnitas recipe they love?

My mug from which I will be enjoying my coffee this morning as I cheer on the team from thousands of kilometres away. .

Good morning and good day, all. Going to get a coffee and watch my squad play this morning. It’s been awhile since the last match and I’m looking forward to it.

Good morning and good day, all. Hope this Friday brings lots of good things your way. I just did my modified morning workout (mostly just a walk) and a French lesson. Time for tea with honey soon. ☀️

I think I’m going to try out the app and run through their tutorials. Something new to keep me busy, plus it looks incredibly powerful.

Home from surgery now and so begins a bit of a recovery. I’ve got the next two weeks off work and will be plunging deeper into my to-read and to-watch lists for and . I hope you’re all having a great day ☀️

Good morning and good day, all. Wishing everyone nothing but positive vibes today.

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