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If you’re on , go ahead and add me below. I’d love to connect and share recommendations. 🎥 🍿 :verified:

I’m liking Lockdown app as a replacement for Blokada so far. Thanks for the tip, @scully

The day's been going well so far. Free from meetings this afternoon, so that's a nice plus. Time for a coffee and a quick read while on break. Onwards!

Good morning and good day, friends. I hope it’s a great one

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This is important

"I think it's also important to recognize that the ability to recklessly consume is a privilege that not everyone has, and you're locking out a lot of users by only designing for the latest and greatest." - @ddevault

I think I’m doing a reasonable job of maintaining my composure while on this call that I absolutely do not have to be on right now. Two more of these to go today — what fun.

I had really enjoyed using Blokada but I see that they’ve now ditched their free option and have moved towards a subscription model. I think they’ll need to update their site to remove the mention of it being “free forever”

Good ‘morn or evening friends. I hope it’s a good one ☀️

I think I'll unwind tonight with a nice, chill show like . Maybe I'll first catch up on the newest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm first. It's been a bit of a day, health-news wise.

A busy day today and so I'll have to catch highlights of the match against Leicester later. For now, finishing up some coffee and going to soon take the pup for his daily walk. Happy Sunday, all!

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Yeah, I was thinking recently "wish there was a TV/film-alternative of #Bookwyrm.
Guess there isn't one yet - or do you happen to know of any @feditips?

A very good mid-afternoon workout has me feeling quite energized. Exactly what I needed.

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"‘What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it.’"

-- "Wind, Sand and Stars"

Happy Saturday, y’all. It’s time for some coffee

I watched and enjoyed “Nights of Cabiria” this evening, so much so that I shared my comments on it below. I wish had integration, by the way.

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I’m enjoying working through this classic Spanish language lesson book. On to chapter 4.

(comment on "Madrigal's magic key to Spanish")

Good morn’ or evening friends. Happy Friday. The day has finally come.

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A lot of people think "they have nothing to hide" until they discover that:

- they do

- they can't

I enjoyed my re-watch of “City of God” last night. The next movie I get to this weekend will be something I’ve yet to watch, leaning towards Felini’s “Nights of Cabiria”.

Looks like is down for the moment

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