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I'm wondering if Searx could be used to self host a fediverse search engine.
It would require some kind of a plug-in for to start indexing content while respecting noindex instance specification

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🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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@fedisearch will you be including everything #activitypub like #peertube #writeas #pixelfed #funkwhale etc?

This could be THE killer fedi app:) Giving it a try right now.

Pam Keith, a U.S. Navy veteran who ran out of Florida’s 18th Congressional District as the Democratic nominee, told The Root that Democrats should give up on working with Republicans as if they are operating in good faith and have shown that they will be as corrupt and obstructionist as Trump.

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Regouverner (1/2) : la nouvelle ère des licences libres

En 1972, l’avocate et politologue féministe Jo Freeman (Wikipedia) publiait un article sur « la tyrannie de l’absence de structure » (voir sa traduction en français) où elle critiquait les formes d’organisation ouvertes, sans chefs. Elle remarquait que ces structures implicites rendaient plus difficiles de reconnaître, contester où éliminer les rapports de domination qui y (...)

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Regouverner (2/2) : multiplier les outils d’une gouvernance distribuée

Continuons avec la remarquable critique des errances de l’open source que formule Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr) dans son article de recherche « la tyrannie de l’ouverture ». La contestation ne s’arrête pas à la démultiplication de nouvelles licences ouvertes, elle interroge profondément les questions de gouvernance pour faire de nouvelles propositions, forcément (...)

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@Gina NextCloud has a suite of extension and corresponding mobile apps that work well together.

Notes, Talk, Bookmarks, and News all have Android apps.

NextCloud Tasks integrates beautifully with, though I think you also need DavX for Android installed for sync.

Pretty much any run-of-the-mill Contacts app or Calendar app can also make use of your DavX sync with NextCloud.

Personally, I use Tasks, Notes, and Calendar reminders the most.
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I just read "Linux Kernel 5.4 is Rolling Out Via Windows Update" and I swear I had to read that twice because my brain went full WTF.

We're living in strange times.

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Restricted Mode is a new safety feature that will be rolling out soon.

- Limit access to logged in users for every endpoint and page

- Limit federation to approved instances

- Compatible with mobile apps

- Bulk import approved instances

- Invite based registrations

#pixelfed #safety

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Built a Linktree clone tonight as a demo app for the pixelfed api, was a lot of fun 😁 #pixelfed #webdev #api

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> #SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network


By the way, spent a few hours to update our English translation of, not everything is translated, but the landing page should be a good starting point.

La partie française a aussi été actualisée.. Prochaine étape ?
Une FAQ avec les questions qui reviennent le plus souvent..

On a bien compris que pour 90% c'est incompréhensible.

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728K views in 4 days, 7K+ reactions, 700+ comments, I think it's the first time @okcinfor makes that amount of views in 5 years
YouTube :
Context :
Contexte :

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