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TIL it’s super easy to modify Press This’s default content, without having to know a ton of JavaScript. #wordpress #indieweb

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For people interested in researching data and ethics, I came across a very thorough syllabus for a class, "Data: Past, Present, and Future" taught by Matthew L. Jones and Chris Wiggins for the University of Columbia.

Really nice list of points to keep in mind when talking about

For a few hours that seemed an eternity in the perception of digital time, the bots were stalled, shutdown, offline until by a strange debugging process they finally came back to life and started to output their usual noise of bad news, crimes, drifts and this extract of what's happening around us fine-tuned by years of careful information source selection.

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I feel like the distinction between ephemeral stories and posts is not as clear as I assumed.

Ephemeral posts are exactly the same as regular posts, but they get deleted after a set time.

Ephemeral stories are not like regular posts, they do not appear in timelines and have their own slideshow-esque user interface that shows unseen stories first and can have different durations, swipe up links, stickers, and more. #pixeldev #activitypub #stories

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Had a great chat today with @grishka about federated groups!

Also spoke with devs from other projects, really excited to ship the groups feature 😁 #pixeldev #fediverse #groups #activitypub @activitypub

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Mobilizon-Mirror: Manage events on #Mobilizon and embed them seamlessly on your own WordPress site. This way you can bring your events to the Fediverse without having to do twice the work.

Maybe you know an organization with a WordPress site for which this could be interesting ;)


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We're refactoring the mobile app to support Groups and Stories.

Once those features are released, our top priority will be releasing the mobile app beta!


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The mobile app I'm building for Pixelfed uses a new api schema, so it won't work with other implementations.

It is so refreshing to build it with a clean slate, will have to get used to writing my own documentation though. #pixeldev

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solution: threw out all the epub readers, unzipped the epub, concatted the chapters into a html file and have it open in a browser, which can scale pages reasonably

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@rmdes thanks for the pointer!, downloaded both this paper, and Granovetter's 1973 paper for reading and comparison.

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Small Is Beautiful

One Bad Apple: What Apple is doing with its plans to scan content on your own devices and notify third parties is an attempt to redefine what it means to violate your privacy.

Join us live this Thursday at


The new study delivers a surprising answer: yes, and it’s the people you’d least expect to have any pull. To stimulate a shift in thinking, target small groups of people in the “outer edge” or fringe of a network.

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Filtering out #bluesky from my feed. I don't think Jack cares about anyone's opinion. And #fediverse people should probably spend time elsewhere. Bluesky is not W3C or anything close to it.

Strenghtening #ActivityPub initiatives and interactions between them will have more weight in the debate, imho.

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