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There will be books about how people survived the pandemic + whatever was already in their life plate and I'm going to write one of them.
I'm still busy with and from the looks of it, it's going to rain big time!

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@rmdes Also another solution, and one that I've done in my own browser it that all sessions are ephemeral and each explicitly new tab has it's own session (basically containers on steroids).
It works quite well and is probably the best in terms of avoiding fingerprinting but it's a bit annoying for websites that tend to store a lot of settings into the browser.
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@rmdes Yes, it is already backed by major browsers, no extensions needed.
Most of the GDPR nags are illegal btw, by law reject has be the default option.

That said the thing of blocking third-party domains has already been circumvented by blatant stalkers by moving to subfolders or hostname aliases to put in the same domain.

The actual thing in browsers should be to explicitly allow cookies by their name, like it's done in lynx and maybe can still be toggled in Firefox.
And considering that websites are already nagging you horribly, it probably wouldn't be such a disaster as it would have been back in like 2010.
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@steve @rmdes let me make things explicit: I don't see what you mean so I'm wondering whether you're trolling and wasting my time or if there are issues I should be aware of regarding this person or Politico.
And as I see everything as political (we all have a ideal world in mind that we would want to see implemented), I don't see what's wrong about people having political agendas: e.g. I think more vaccined people mean healthier populations, and I want as many healthy people as possible, so...

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Antivax, How are they funded? Investigating ad trackers with Gephi and the DMI Tracker Tracker tool - First Draft:

Wow La derniĂšre mise Ă  jour de @bookvillageapp ! c'est que du bonheur pour les villageois de la plate-forme !

C'est quoi Book Village ?
En une phrase ?
Le Vinted du Livre neuf ou d'occasion Ă  ne surtout pas manquer !

Seitan grillée aux aubergines, pomme de terre et fenouil

When you think about it for a minute, it's quite interesting that the

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Is there anyone out here who has professional experience (either on the giving or the receiving end) about #grieving and dealing with #loss?

I hope someone could see this and share some experiences about how I'm supposed to grief. How I can enter into active grieving and guide myself through the process. Or maybe lead me to resources that write about it in depth.

Boosts are appreciated but not neceesary. Thank you.

#seekingAdvice #seekingSupport

Les européens sont le dindon de la farce d'un nexus pharma/politico/finance qui n'a en vue que la privatisation de la connaissance, créée via des fonds publics et vendues à coup de guerre commerciales entre les pays.
A force de jouer "fair play" l'Europe se fait bouffer sans la moindre capacitĂ© Ă  vĂ©ritablement peser dans l'intĂ©rĂȘt des citoyens et des Ă©tats membres.

Wow, so @substack support RSS?! ¿¥
Had no idea!
Wondering if as paid subscriber one can also get a subscribed content RSS feed or is this just for public/free content..

Furor in Japanese Town Casts Light on Fukushima’s Legacy

NYTimes: ‘There’s No Town Left’: Fukushima’s Eerie Landscapes:

Building my first nodejs docker cloudron app, so far I have it running, installed just fine but I'm missing healthcheck so the app is "not responding" in the UI even though everything is running regarding the app code itself, I just have to tweak the app package

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Doctolib : le chiffrement des données incomplet ?

La plateforme de prise de rendez-vous Doctolib assure une sécurisation des données que les patients lui confient. Nous avons procédé à un test pour vérifier comment ces données étaient sécurisées. Verdict : les données ne sont pas chiffrées de bout en bout, ce que la société conteste.

Pour prendre rendez-vous avec un mĂ©decin, ou pour se faire vacciner, de plus en plus d’utilisateurs (...)

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