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Over the years I have starred quite a bunch of github code repo, this is an ordered list of all my favs :

Been playing with lately.. Rebooting a few GB of DJ Sets, old mixtapes and buzzworkers home produced tunes.

If you like electronic music, old school dj mixtapes, recording from famous old time parties.. You should find your thing there :)

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Hello folks,

I own a Fairphone3+ and after many times, I succeeded to root it.

I wrote a complete tutorial:


Thanks for your boost 😉

I'm going to do something I'm putting aside since a few years : correctly ID3 tag 60GB of MP3: home-productions, old tapes mix, dj set and live sessions spawning 4 decades of electronic music

Tonight in you can almost hear the sound of relief crawling around the world right now, problems are not gone, but at least we can work now !

Found a podcasting app for my Linux desktop that I really like : Cpod, it has OPML, Queue, Download, Subscriptions management and Explore feature to find new shows, it's light on my system and it works just great !

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Why is #Python so popular?

"Programming skills are needed everywhere nowadays and there is a lack of good software developers," Paul Jansen TIOBE CEO said. "As a consequence, we need something simple that can be handled by non-software engineers, something easy to learn with fast edit cycles and smooth deployment.

Python meets all these needs."

Python overtakes #Java to become the second-most popular programming language - TechRepublic

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A lot of people for a lot of different reasons would appreciate kindness today. Be kind.

31% zomg this is taking age and eating all my i5 cpu

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please boost this tweet if you're an English or Bilingual user!♡

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Using testdisk to analyse a 2TB veracrypt encrypted volume...

I'm at 0.4%

That's gonna take a while...

Getting to work for high time to make the entire music collection easily available & easy to listen !
link to the public ampache site soon !

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This is really neat : Secure peer-to-peer code collaboration without intermediaries.

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