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"Just because there is now a multi-billion-dollar industry based on the abject betrayal of our privacy doesn’t mean the sociopaths who built it have any right whatsoever to continue getting away with it"

Great post!

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#mastodon uses alsoKnownAs for account migration, but it's not officially in the #ActivityStreams vocabulary. Does anyone have opinions on a formal definition and adding it as an extension?

I'm in another WG who want to use it, so we can define it in a W3C Rec. But we want a definition that the #activitypub community is also happy with.


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The story enfold in French, the English part of the website doesn't have 20% of the French side but it gives you enough material, even just on the front page to understand what this is about.

I'm not asking for anything in particular, I just want the people reading this, my followers to know a little bit more about me, even if this story and the struggle for freedom that goes with it, doesn't define me on this sole basis but is certainly a huge - 4/5

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learned, I made mistake, I tried to do better, I tried to be at service for the others kids now adults I was directly and indirectly offering a path forward, so they too, would be able to reclaim their lives and rise from the ashes to confront our worst nightmares.

And so we did.

If you're still reading, my rambling probably didn't advanced you much about what the heck I'm talking about, right?

That's because the context is here for English and - 3/5

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a situation where you have the sword in your hands, you have the courage to fight and you have the inner qualities to stay until the end..

Often I thought I would abandon, I would choose the easy road and stay silent but the prospection of having to look myself in the mirror and in the eyes of my daughter, without having done anything, was beyond the worst things that could happen.

For what it's worth, when I entered the battle in 2015, I had no idea of what I was getting into, I - 2/5

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In the next two weeks, I'm going to enter the Pleading part of a judicial case that started in 1997.
Most of you reading this have no idea what I'm talking about, let's just say it's a dark, sad, resilient story that is the foundation of my existence but also the reclaiming of said foundation of life for the future of what's to come.

You know sometimes you have to rise against your own monsters.

Sometimes you have to do what you feared to do all along... Sometimes life put you in - 1/5

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Do you believe that #FreeSoftware should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter


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We're excited to announce the ActivityPub conf 2020 keynotes!

Opening up the conference we have a panel featuring the editors/authors of the ActivityPub panel: Jessica Tallon (@tsyesika), Amy Guy (@rhiaro), Erin Shepherd, and Evan Prodromou, with me moderating! (Hear from everyone else this time!)

Wrapping things up is Darius Kazemi (@darius) presenting "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game"!

See the whole lineup:


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Just nominated Eugen Rochko @gargron for FSF poll : Free Software Awards: Recognize those who advance our freedom.

Not only because of Mastodon as a successful twitter alternative, also for the boost it made on the Fediverse, ActivityPub for the people. As the most needed thing is to gain popularity, and reach a critical mass.

Nomination form link :


#mastodon #fsf #fediverse #activitypub

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Watched a rather dramatic segment on BBC's 'Click' tech show yesterday about the evils of decentralised internet services... 

Essentially, decentralisation is a tool for terrorists/criminals & without a "big company behind the servers" there is no way to interrupt data sharing by Baddies.

Maybe they forgot about why the internet/ARPANET was created in the first place.

Also a vibe of 'if you're not guilty you've nothing to hide' & isn't it terrible that law enforcement can't access encrypted data

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