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@dansup feels like slide up or double tap should be enough to have it come back

@L2xUXvNo @admin @rada
Yes that's yesterday release build, we'll do this everyday once the system is stabilized.

Side project maybe you can help?

I'm looking for Ukrainian information sources, on YouTube, podcasts, blogs, Telegram, that could be used to target Russian people, specifically looking for sources that speak in Russian, with the intent to build a site that would show all this information in one place. The idea?

Reinform Russian people outside of State controlled information.

Do you have any?

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Looks like it's fixed now, thank you.
And a very special thank you for being aware of #KyivNotKiev and taking so much efforts of spreading Ukrainian to DeepL in particular.
@admin @rada

@L2xUXvNo @admin @rada if you check on Twitter, you'll see that @ AmplifyUkraine is very very very different content than @ telehuntwatch (protected account to avoid spreading RU disinformation)
Even if the two systems use similar techniques, the end goal of each account/work is radically opposite, and I think people know the difference.

@L2xUXvNo @admin @rada I totally have this in mind, removed everything from until next build brings Ukrainian content.

Since this is automated DeepL Translation there might be plenty of details that don't get translated perfectly but DeepL is aware and I'll do my best not only for them to add Ukrainian officially in their language list but also train their engine so that it can make the difference between Kiev and Kyiv.

There is a lot of room for improvement in many ways, from the perspective of a Ukrainian person even more, we're doing our best to make this accessible hoping that western attention span doesn't get lower than it already is!

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Our project is funded by people like you, and we need about $130 USD for an Apple developer account and Google Play Store account to publish the :pixelfed: Live app (and eventually the main app!)

Will you help us reach that goal? The preferred donation method is our PayPal, but you can also donate via or

Boosts appreciated, and thank you for supporting us ❤️ #pixelfed #communityFunded

@L2xUXvNo @admin @rada actually there is a bug at
It's showing
This is being Investigated and will be fixed. Its not intentional, fix under way. will show same content that but with full images and videos.

Thanks for reaching out!

@vvv @dansup not sure why I haven't tested this earlier! But it looks really neat and nice from mobile on both chrome or FF

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A sneak peak of the Pixelfed Live web player 👀

- Real time comments across web and mobile apps
- Delete messages or ban users from your streams
- Pin any chat message
- Real time viewer count
- Public live streams anyone can view (without the app or an account)

#pixelfed #pixelfedLive #liveStreaming

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A nice side effect of :pixelfed: Live is websocket support, now we can implement real time timelines and notifications in the web UI 😉 #pixeldev

@vvv @dansup oww OK I thought I had missing something!
Yeah same experience with pixeldroid, couldn't stay logged in and other issues. Let's wait for the official app :)

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TRANSLATION : ⚡️ Historic moment. European Parliament approves resolution on granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union 🇺🇦 Lviv 24/7 Source : Львів 24/7 | НОВИНИ Link : Date : 2022-06-23T10:52:19.000Z ORIGINAL : ⚡️Історичний момент. Європарламент ухвалив резолюцію щодо надання Україні статусу кандидата в члени ЄС 🇺🇦 Львів 24/7

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TRANSLATION : ✅ There were no plans to “build a NATO military base” in Severodonetsk in the plans of Ukraine or member states of the Alliance. It was about the construction of a new infrastructure facility for the military that would meet NATO standards. Read more: ‼ The Russian media continues to promote the narrative of “NATO aggression against Russia. To “confirm” this thesis, the pro-Kremlin media stated that the strengthening of NATO’s position in Eastern Europe was supposed to take place “through the construction of a number of military bases in Ukraine. Source : StopFake Link : Date : 2022-06-23T10:33:20.000Z ORIGINAL : ✅ Никаких планов относительно «строительства военной базы НАТО» в Северодонецке в планах Украины или стран-членов Альянса не было. Речь шла о возведении нового инфраструктурного объекта для военных, который соответствовал бы стандартам НАТО. Подробности: ‼ Российские медиа продолжают продвигать нарратив об «агрессии НАТО против России». В «подтверждение» этого тезиса прокремлевские медиа заявили, что усиление позиций НАТО в Восточной Европе якобы должно было произойти «за счет строительства ряда военных баз в Украине».

@bradenslen hmmm I see what you mean want a federated webring? Or a multi host webring?

In the last 3 months, I got involved creating a bunch of tools that makes automated DeepL translations of Russian and Ukrainian telegram channels.

Searchable databases, Telegram Bots, and soon Video Scraping available.

Check out

Translation are also on the search for "@" , follow it!

Hope it can help people better understand the situation and increase support for Ukraine!

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TRANSLATION : The Russian Armed Forces attempted to storm the Avdiivka, Kurakhivka, Novopavlivka and Zaporizka straits, according to the AFU General Staff. Subscribe to ZN.UA Source : ZN.UA (Зеркало недели. Украина) Link : Date : 2022-06-16T17:25:42.000Z ORIGINAL : Військові рф намагалися вести штурм на Авдіївському, Курахівському, Новопавлівському й Запорізькому напрямках, повідомили у Генштабі ЗСУ. Підписатися на ZN.UA

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