I can post a screen shot from desktop once I'm home

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In the browser you should be able to click on the top thread and see on the side column all the conversation. If not go to settings, and enabled advanced view or something similar, I'm saying this from memory, that will enable the advanced interface "tweetdeck" like, I think that's what's missing on your side :)

You seem to have started a new thread each time you replied to me :)

You should be able to click the master toot, the beginning of the thread and see the subsequent conversation, unless you break the thread by starting a new toot, instead of replying.. You are using ?

Yes, equal to retweet on the bird site or "like" for favs, then each people use this as they want.. Some people use favs to bookmark but there is a bookmark feature on its own, so it's really up to you :)

I'm replying to you using @fedilab mobile app

Domestic stuff 

That's the best reward you can give yourself then :)

instructions to call other services if appropriate.
My point is : Police should be used for Policing work, not interventions for everything in a city. It works. @QueenRamonda - 3/3

"administrative fines" but anything above that they have to call the police. They also call it "proximity police", they have their own clothes with a specific color but no police badge. Just their name.
This system was abandoned for many years until tensions in some neighborhood relaunched this as an investments for peaceful neighborhoods. They cannot do everything the police can do, they have a strict list of things they can do and specific @QueenRamonda - 2/3

In Belgium, there is what we call "gardien de la paix" it's basically a peace police, they hangout in the neighborhood, don't have guns, weapons, nothing that ressemble even from afar to a police uniform, their primary role is to disantangle things, de escalate, before the police is even called out. Often they are know by mostly everyone in the neighborhood because they are part of the neighborhood. They can give - 1/3

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Vermont, your state primary is on August 11th! :vt: :blobyay:

Same-day registration ✅
Voter ID ❎

Vote-at-home: If you’re sick/disabled, you may request a ballot before 5pm on 8/10, which will be delivered to you and to your polling place on 8/11.

Voting by mail: you must return ballot to the town clerk in the envelope included by 5pm on 8/11.

You can hand-deliver ballot to town clerk or polling place on 8/11.

See all details, including what's on your ballot:


Domestic stuff 

The reward will be awesome!

Then the Synology NAS won't give you headaches.. It's pretty straightforward & comes with quite some software, tools that can be useful within a family context.. Can also be useful for a cheap but effective security/camera home system.

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@rmdes Yunohost is all set up and I have some apps installed. DNS is set up as far as I can tell. Need to work on WordPress next. I am debating setting up email, if only to forward to my external email provider. So yeah, very smoothly! You suggested a winning combo so I am very grateful, thank you!

Will be spending more time this week tweaking and such for sure.

One of my next exploration will be to move buzzworkers.com out of Wordpress and import my entire collection of tracks/mix/Dj sets into a instance @funkwhale

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:betty: Hello, #Funkwhale friend! We are looking for contributors, and maybe you could help us!

We're currently looking for development help, but there's lots of other ways to contribute. Give this new blog a read, and share with anyone you think might be interested. And @ us with any questions.

:wanda: Getting Involved With Funkwhale: blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Communi

@art_zdesiseitsas Thanks to federation, I saw your post because I have a column search open at all time, so I can notice anyone using this tag and reply, even if not following you directly. so if you toot publicly, your toots are going to be seen outside of your mastodon node (Qoto) local timeline, it's going to appear in federated timeline or hashtag search, since in the case of this post you used - this way we can all be in our own mastodon instance & talk to entire fedi

@art_zdesiseitsas so if you type the identity of anyone in the fediverse in your search bar : like @art_zdesiseitsas or me @rmdes or my instance @rmdes you can remote follow that person, interact with her/his toots etc...

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