cannot form a body of understanding, but that's just because we can only speak from our own position in this whole mess.. @Olm_e - 4/4

being totally cut from outside influences, was looking back, a luxury, a privilege, surrounded by a veil of lies and cognitive dissonance that i couldn't even see at the time, since for me, this was my normality.
Getting in, fitting in, not knowing the codes of this system was much harder than growing my own food in the mountains. Hence I reaffirm that we all speak from our own position, that sometimes can give the impression we disagree or that the terms we use @Olm_e - 3/4

misinformation and all kinds of in/out social construct groups tend to construct to justify their existence out of the system. Next I spent the years up to now doing exactly the opposite of going "alternative" and instead, find my own agency, knowing, compromising and hybrid positions are everywhere, even in the core of the most radical "outside" experiences. In my situation, being outside of the system, without even using the monetary system and growing my own food, @Olm_e - 2/4

Well, we all speak from different standing points.. I stayed outside of the system, strictly, for 17 years. And another 2 decades in between two worlds, neither in or out, until I formally joined society as is and so my understanding is exactly the opposite, being out doesn't equate poverty or loneliness to my experiences.
You can be out and in a group and experience a fake impression of empowerment, even elite like misunderstanding based on - 1/4

In a world full of compromise, coherence is a privilege only few can afford.

If i wasn't handling & needing these damned platforms for this i wouldn't even bother.. But when i have to rely on everything to raise funds to allow childhood friends to get the lawyers they deserve, i can't afford to be a purist, i must use whatever tools exist where people are and the way they treat humans like cattle is rightfully revolting.

Purism is a luxury.

There is something profoundly disturbing and moving about the show Katla, beyond the inner chaos and loss, there so much life, so much hope.
Soundtrack is also matching the show really nicely, combined the whole thing has more of an Alien feeling than many or most alien like shows with actual extraterrestrial lifeforms. Really cool!

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Decentralization without a concept of politics is no different from current centralization.

Going further, decentralization without a concept of people-centric/communal politics is doomed to repeat and reform itself into a centralized system (see the Internet, e-mail, etc)

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For the last year or so I've been working on this project to bring together archival documents and radio recordings of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters (forerunner to NPR & PBS).

One small and gratifying thing was making all the programs available as podcasts.

Also it's a static site, where we've pushed search to the client, which has not been without problems. If you get a chance to try it let me know.

Also it's on GitHub:

my biological parents, I incarnated Ricardo and started to craft memories, actions and my future around my intended identity, I became the person I was supposed to be :) @vortex_egg - 3/3

revolted against norms, authority and dogma. That day I ditched Kungyal and adopted Ben.. My friends started to go along with it, ultimately even my biological family would have no choice but to use Ben or I wouldn't reply or pat attention.. It was my name, the one I had picked for me, by myself.
Fast forward 20+ years and I have learned to claim my original name and ditch Ben altogether, I launched with my real name, the one i was given at birth by @vortex_egg - 2/3

I was born in a cult, even though my biological parents had given me a name, i was given a Tibetan Buddhist name at birth, Kungyal, I never liked it, it never felt me.. When i was 15, one day i stumbled on a Tibetan book with a character called Ben Kungyal in many ways we shared loads of common points, Ben was always making people laugh, always making some stupid funny things that would get him in troubles and beyond the facade, was - 1/3

Fin des cagnottes PayPal à compter du 8 novembre 2021 :(

Moved away from GRUB to rEFInd and i have to say, I'm blown away from grub for ever :))

This little tool and Let's Encrypt project change the entire mental load SSL used to be for system administrators, it did to me :)

make mistakes but they are not mistakes, we sincerely apologize blablabla and that's it.

I hate automated moderation and I hate even more automated Governance against humans. - 3/3

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reversed the blanket ban.

Supposedly, their automated system did that on its own, but there is no hint of any excuse, there is nothing to explain what triggered their super amazing AI system to provoke that, its just another cold template reply that doesn't even begin to acknowledge anything much less any mistake on their part, written by a human, no, it's just the same found on Twitter too, we have system that make bad decisions, they help us profit from all of you, sometimes they - 2/3

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