@dansup it's a privilege to witness your work in this and other matters!

@pixelfed early.. Not having mobile app is the main reason I'm not using my instance more often or inviting my friends to leave Instagram for good!

The moment they can post pictures and react to each others posts, that's gonna change!

Honestly, the web app version is already amazing (even on mobile) but to get then to move they need a sexy mobile app !

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How should I distinguish remote accounts from local in this context where we want to avoid using the full webfinger identifier?

I don't want users to be confused between local/remote accounts but I also don't want to have a domain prepended to every remote account.

Thoughts? #pixeldev

@dansup something similar to what differentiate user accounts to bot accounts on Mastodon? A simple icon next to username or name that would be clear enough to allow anyone to understand its not a local account?

Watch this space: GCHQ / NCSC soon to publish Version 2 of “Ghost Protocol” appeal for backdoors in end-to-end secure, encrypted messenger software

@dansup could be an amazing way to extend shared blocklist among instance admins..
What if instances could listen to this type of post and ingest recommendations of block domain, only to be validated by admin on the backend.. Would facilitate shielding the network from toxic instances.

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U.S. Office of Government Ethics issues guidance prohibiting executive branch employees who hold crypto from working on crypto policy

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One more thing...

I want to make the mobile app dynamic in the sense that instance admins can determine feature availability.

- Local timeline
- Network timeline
- Stories
- Live streaming
- Hiding public like/share counts

This would empower instance admins, though at the expense of a unified experience. We can solve the unified experience issue by improving onboarding and explain why X feature is missing.

Thoughts? #pixelfed

Hahaha a block for exchanging mere different view points?

Why are people so weak? @alcinnz

@prasoon not just unaware, but also prone to praise Chinese or Russian "models" without the slickest idea about what it actually means to live under the boot of those regimes. Yes America, Europe, International Institutions have to be made more democratic, more representatives of the world diversity but despising our own flawed system while unconsciously praising rogue regimes = westerners cut from reality and inept at cherishing / preserving our own flawed models, that need certainly a democratic upgrade.

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I have been testing for the past few days three replacements for #Google's #Firebase notifications: #ntfy, #Gotify and #NextCloud's Unified Push project. A few observations after a bit of tinkering:

1. The idea behind #UnifiedPush is amazing. An open protocol to share push notifications over any asynchronous channel (websocket, Redis, MQTT etc.) is what open-source apps have needed for years. Sure, there will always be those who say "push notifications are a distraction, and I'm happy to ditch them". But individual choices/behaviors shouldn't shape the development of a technology - especially when people want a genuine open alternative to something that they like/need to use.

2. UnifiedPush support from individual apps is still scarce. So far I've only found the NextCloud app itself (which only supports UP-NextPush), #Fedilab and #Element. Support on #Tusky has allegedly been implemented in the latest release, but I haven't yet managed to make it work. Let's roll up our sleeves and make sure that more and more of the apps that we like support open notification services!

3. The notification providers' client apps themselves are still quite buggy, and documentation still very sparse. I have used UP-Example from F-Droid to test the UP services. Only ntfy managed to deliver notifications end-to-end to my devices. Gotify reported an "unknown error" without many details from the logs. UP-NextPush is still very unstable both on the client and server side and I couldn't manage to deliver any notifications.

4. The protocol (and the apps that implement it) needs to slowly be extended to cover as many as possible of the features that have been implemented in the past decade. Action buttons, icons from URLs, custom background images, updates to existing notifications etc.: a couple of these features have been (partly) implemented by 1-2 providers, but we need open standards (especially for action buttons and gestures) if we want to ensure inter-compatibility.

@prasoon totally agree and also support the fact that these systems of exploitation, resources takeover and extractive values systems that don't redistribute to where resources are taken from should be dismantled, fought, changed.

But I also think luxury privileged westerners have no idea about the luck they/we have.

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Whoahh someone said something that nudged my bias confirmation...

Reaction :

Let's mute that person!

In the end, can fediverse be better than Twitter at all?

The limits of unknown human interactions through screen because if we were sitting around a fire talking exactly the same point, that person wouldn't mute me for pronouncing an opinion.

Free speech they want.. Free speech they say, until you confront them with an opinion and that's already too much! 🤣😂

@alcinnz too bad you're muting even before actually understanding my view point but it's your choice. Like I said, most Westerners have no idea about real authoritarianism, dictatorship, precisely the kind of weakness and hole that allowed Russian and Chinese disinformation narratives to spread so well on the western information space. This is not fear mongering, this decades of observations of each system and how they perverted everything.

@alcinnz believe me, you don't want to have a Chinese World Order.

The problem in the West is, we're only going to realize how lucky we were, even with our flawed democracies & degenerative ones, once our systems get so corrupted that they became porous and permeable to all kinds of propaganda, that's when we'll be unable to even make the difference because we'll have no agency or Autonomy to do so, instead we'll move from our own flawed systems (that we should urgently fix) to Russian or Chinese world order, that's when we'll be able to compare and realize we should have saved our system, instead of throwing it away as if it all was rotten.

We have the privilege and the luxury to have no idea about real authoritarianism and yet we're looking at Russia and China as if they were any better?

Ask a free mind Chinese or a free Russian. They know the difference.

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