Looking for nice accounts to follow, from , now that federation seems to work here :)

Fear based communication :
 “Even my wife was saying, ‘What about this double mutant?’ It drives me nuts. People are scared unnecessarily. If you’re fully vaccinated, two weeks post dose, you shouldn’t have to worry about variants at all.”

I still have a Linux/Win10 dual boot... Why?
To access Belgium online administration tools using the Belgian eID System (hopefully being accessible via ItsMe across all the services in the future?) You have no idea how messy the eID viewer/reader install is on some Linux installation, I've got it to work for Linux on Fedora, Ubuntu but Debian based ?
Don't even try!

Nice soundtrack on the Atomic Blonde, 80's disco wave dark electro vibes :)

My fp3+ was supposed to be my last smartphone, it got stolen in the metro, I'm back to my old A6 until I can afford a new fairphone. My plan was to stop buying new smartphone and get into the idea of replacing broken or old parts.. And make the phone evolve a few years to confirm or not, the fairphone hipotesis can actually be done. I'm gonna have to wait now :/

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Ah oui tiens après Facebook, c'est LinkedIn (Microsoft) qui laisse fuiter des informations sur un demi-milliard d'utilisateurs: adresses email, numéros de téléphone, noms, liens vers les réseaux sociaux, etc.


My blog use @withknown ex Idno
has built in indieweb specs
I also run/try its WordPress implementation at my root domain rmendes.net, there is the indieweb pack plugin for Wp :)
There is also indiewebify.me to test implementation
Indieauth also interesting
Check out the indieweb webring for a variety of blogs actually running it and living it daily :)

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“…the IndieWeb is a toolkit. A collection of ideas, technologies, and services that can help you solve some particularly tricky problems. If you're wanting to get involved in the #IndieWeb, the first question you need to ask is: what problem do I have?” theadhocracy.co.uk/wrote/one-y

I wish this was configured in the browser, natively, not as an extension, I should be able to specify my privacy policy and almost invisibly websites should be confronted to it and act accordingly.
These pseudo consent cookies or tracking "consent" is a nuisances to the web, it's digital pollution and waste of time. My browser should know it and treat the websites I visit accordingly.

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Talking & connecting is a basic human need, so why should we allow our online interaction to be seized by companies that (by commercial design) are after personal data? Especially for public services like national/European administration citizens deserve to connect in a way that serves them, instead of data-hungry third parties.

NGI Zero is happy to announce a series of webinars and a workshop organized together with the #ActivityPub-community & #fediverse-devs on April 19, 26 and 29.

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Network Timeline will be shipping in the next release (v0.10.11).

New and existing instances can take advantage of a new discovery feature to bootstrap federation (with other Pixelfed instances) without relays or follow bots.

#pixelfed #networkTimeline

Running WithKnown for my blog blog.rmendes.net for bookmarks, links, reading list, archive.

And running for my landing page/cv/work related stuff at my naked domain rmendes.net
Both are far from what I want them to look/feel like but it's a work in progress :)

The whole thing have been running on for a while and then I moved to using to handle the entire stack underneath the apps I need.

Feels like it.. Or it jumped over the shark!

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You can now opt-out on FediDB!

This will prevent your instance from being crawled or searchable on #FediDB.


Just the idea that you can do a thorough investigation on the origin of a… : blog.rmendes.net/2021/just-the

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It’s funny how Y2K is remembered as an overblown hoax and not as “for fucking once we saw a problem coming in advance, actually dedicated sufficient time and resources to solving it, and a crisis was averted before it happened.” Makes me wonder how people would think of Covid if we had handled it well.

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#Smithereen update: group admins. Though they don't federate yet. And even when they will, you probably won't be able to make a remote user an admin as that would require A LOT of new activity types to be invented. It would probably be best to wait for someone to implement a federated forum to figure out how to go about this.

#activitypub @activitypub

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