Looking for interesting blogs part of the ? the IndieWeb movement has its own search engine : indieweb-search.jamesg.blog

Unless is liberated from this takeover, freenode as we knew it for 20+ years is dead. Move your stuff


I'm so grateful and amazed at the development of different things part of the

Sometimes I stumble on rants against these ongoing projects to change the web as if the developers and the community behind should in any way provide services like mega corporations the same users have just ditched... And I'm wondering.. Do they know where they are?

We should be grateful not cranky even if the process to improve is slower - 1/2

Wasn't there a plugin for Known to add some custom JS code to one's blog ?

Wow the Indigenous app can now do all of these in one single spot?

Note: if you interact with this post either here or on birdy site, reactions, comments will be siphoned back to my blog.. It's one of the ingredients of the

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